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Answered: All this religious ...

The fairy Jesus not coming then?

Answered: Where does astoma go after a reversal?

A reversal means the part of the colon currently forming the stoma is reconnected to the lower bowel. The hole in the skin is then stitched up.

Answered: I'm thinking of getting a band together...

How abour Monsignor and the Pedos?

Answered: Cruelty to animals

The type of person that is cruel to animals is very likely to be a social misfit, liable to be equally cruel to humans, so a stiff sentence is a good idea.

Answered: How to convert the office building to the ...

You need to pray, speak in tongues and get the local pedo to bless it.

Answered: Most dedicated Muslims name their sons Mohammed in ...

The only real use for jesus is a cuss word. Calling your kids after him would lessen the effect. Of course Shi-ite makes a pretty cool cuss word too.

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