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Answered: Theysay God works in mysterious ways, his ...

Being entirely imaginary moving in mysterious ways is about as real as God can manage. He's a dismal failure because he can't do nuthin'.

Answered: OK guys, this has kinda been asked before, but ...

Mohammed wins because the fairy Jesus will turn the other cheek.

Answered: Inthe bible prophesys it says the meeks shall ...

Yep, it's a really dumb story. Was Christianity spread by the meek? LOL.

Answered: Who would win - Jesus or Satan? Imagine ...

You mean the fight already happened? Was it on TV?

Answered: I broke my lent already. am i going to hell?

You have to create a hell in the first place and then find a god that isn't imaginary. Good luck with that.

Answered: "witches" and "devils"

It's only make believe. Don't worry about it.

Answered: Jesus turned my life around. I used to be ...

Don't be sad. There's a cure. You can have a lobotomy and become a Born Again!!!

Answered: Islam vs. South Park?

All people that fear the truth.

Answered: What is the best christian approach to teach an 11 ...

Don't do it in a Christian way, whatever that is, stick to the facts. The Christian God is so dumb he thinks that menstruating women are unclean. premably that's why the RCC are so keen to stop ...

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