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Answered: What causes cat to stand still in one spot and ...

It could also be from old age.. How old was the little guy..?

Answered: What makes a person seem kind?

Their attitude toward self and others. Entrepreneurs and charity givers may seem kind but often, the underlying reasons have to do with either profit or tax write-offs. You just can not tell a book by ...

Answered: How to unstick the fuel float in a pontiac?

If your gas gauge is sticking (not registering) then you will have to drop the gas tank and replace the float.. Very difficult job..

Answered: What makes my hands turn blue?

Sounds like inadequate circulation.. You should have it looked after as gangrene can develop without warning.

Answered: Why did my HP keyboard quit working?

They can go out at any time.. Unplug it and put it on another computer.. if it still doesn't work then replace it.. If it works then blow out your computer connections and try again.

Answered: How to get a popular girl to kiss you in 5th grade ...

Number (1) get out of the mind set of being a nerd.. Number (2) wait a few more years. Instead, show her what a good friend you could be then as you two grow up together (as friends) let nature take ...



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