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Answered: Poetry as an art form, who says

According to Wikipedia art is the process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions. Creations, modes of expression, including music and ...

Answered: We are opening a sub acute unit and I need help ...

Music is always a good way to go. Alot of people are happy to go in and volunteer for this.

Answered: Tallest female in the world

Yao Defen of China claims to be the tallest female in the world at 7'8".

Answered: Is there any automated language translation ...

I have seen people carry around books like this. I suggest going to a bookstore for what you need.

Answered: Should I kick my husband out and divorce him?

It sounds like you know the answer to this one. I believe you are asking this as you don't want to do it "impulsively". It sounds like you have thought it through. You do not have to tolerate this ...

Answered: Why do you use lie instead of lay when you are ...

It is my understanding that the English language is the hardest to learn. Some things don't make sense to me either. (btw, I am English)

Answered: What causes the waves in the ocean? And why is the ...

Off hand I can say that the moon is what causes the waves in the ocean. It is responsible for the tides and thus the movement of water.

Answered: My boyfriend doesn't think he has a problem ...

Oh can I relate to this one...the one I know like this (and there are so many) says it is normal to drink like a pig too. If he is not working he has a beer in his hand. I look at it and see it as ...


Skitch says:
"Hey Little Bear! I do love you so! Slather on, Sweetheart! Keep in mind, you are also allowed to slather love like jam, frosting or the ice cream topping of your choice! You have a priceless spirit, Little Bear. Never forget that."
Jasjas says:
"lol idk"
DB Lady says:
"Donna, You are missed here on Yedda especially by me. You have a way about you that makes others feel they matter. I hope you're doing OK an hopefully you'll come back to Yedda more often. Thank you for answering my question last week. I really appreciated that. Take care and God Bless you in whatever you do,"
MrWebster says:
"Donna: Where do I begin? You are one of my very favorite people. I will never forget that you couldn't restrain yourself and chose to talk to me when almost no one else would. Nor will I ever forget Peter Cottontail. Actually when I think of you now, from time to time, I see you in my mind's eye as Ms. Cottontail. It was absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! BTW, what did you say his e-mail address is? Regards and more, MW "