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Answered: Valid psychological testing

The medications can make one tired. I believe for something to be upheld in court that it would have to be testing done by a professional in the field as opposed to the father.

Answered: Are there many stores that carry spanish foods?

I don't know of any that carry only Spanish foods but I find every market in this area carries some.

Answered: Looking for information about events in rhode ...

sheila, The 4th of July parade in Bristol, RI is said to be "the best". If you want to go get there early because the traffic will reflect it's popularity.

Answered: Poppy seed bagels

I only remember on an old episode of Seinfeld when it did for one of them.

Answered: Just had an mri for frequent headaches. Now I'm in ...

I had an MRI of my brain and I had the worst headache after. BAD!

Answered: I live in the hills at west hollywood. I hace ...

Alot of people seem to be asking that lately. I am on the east coast. Some are saying it is due to the use of insecticides. I love hummingbirds and have seen but one this year.

Answered: I have a bad gall bladder.. What fruits and ...

What you really have to watch out for is fatty/fried foods.

Answered: How do I learn not to worry and catastrophise ...

Mazzap, I would like to recommend an author named Melody Beatty. If you go to the library and ask where the self-help section is you will find some. Then you will probably want to go to a book store ...

Answered: An Iranian Voice Silenced

I watched footage of it last night. It appears to have already affected them as it is total chaos in the streets. I am not too worldly but it certainly appears as though they have made it much worse.


Skitch says:
"Hey Little Bear! I do love you so! Slather on, Sweetheart! Keep in mind, you are also allowed to slather love like jam, frosting or the ice cream topping of your choice! You have a priceless spirit, Little Bear. Never forget that."
Jasjas says:
"lol idk"
DB Lady says:
"Donna, You are missed here on Yedda especially by me. You have a way about you that makes others feel they matter. I hope you're doing OK an hopefully you'll come back to Yedda more often. Thank you for answering my question last week. I really appreciated that. Take care and God Bless you in whatever you do,"
MrWebster says:
"Donna: Where do I begin? You are one of my very favorite people. I will never forget that you couldn't restrain yourself and chose to talk to me when almost no one else would. Nor will I ever forget Peter Cottontail. Actually when I think of you now, from time to time, I see you in my mind's eye as Ms. Cottontail. It was absolutely UNBELIEVABLE! BTW, what did you say his e-mail address is? Regards and more, MW "