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Answered: Seniors left with no care!!!!

let's hope the Congress will see those drawbacks,and spearhead a program that will help solve the problem of the elderly--the health care in particular. Those wealthy people in the government must ...

Answered: Senior Health Care or Lack Of It?

there are so many insufficiency in the health care programs particularly Medicaid and Medicare. Many people dont find it advantageous relying on these programs because the benefits would not suffice ...

Answered: Senior day care activities

Music, dance, aerobics, any activities that may benefit their health and arouse their creativity and curiosity are good for seniors. Seniors with long term care needs want to feel loved and cared ...

Answered: Health care

it is inadequate. many taxpayers dont get a lot from their contribution because they are refused from Medicaid assistance program, unless they become really poor. this is also true with the inefficacy ...

Answered: What is the typical monthly payment for Long Term ...

lenrobbins is right.. the monthly premiums really depend on how much you have decided to receive for yourlong term care needs,including the riders (inflation protection + other added benefits) You ...


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