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Greed and outsourcing shipped out most of the jobs that were accessable to people in wheelchairs like Small assembly jobs and office work. Companies want cheap labor an have millions of young slave ...

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Are those hair stubs on those skank sticks?

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Meanwhile entertain yourself by renaming harmless files and their file types making the file end in .exe You send the file in an email attachment the person sees the .exe then flips out thinking they ...

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What does he mean we as if he is part of some think tank?

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They should su da fed then use the money to shop at Target or Shoprite. I hope you liked my answer I did!

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Sad but the real tragedy is what happens to the older workers next store an around the country. The older associates are often abused and wrongfully terminated.

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There was another incident today at a school next to a Walmart in Ohio. They could just go next door an order the box. Buy a Box off a Big Box store you'll save enough for a second box incase of a ...

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I knew a Rip Vanwrinkle who once had a Blond Fender Telecaster and worked at Bambergers in Menlo Park Edison NJ during the 1970's . Is this the same Rip?

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