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Answered: Where can I find a used tinted glass window for ...

Try a salvage yard. It may not be tinted though.

Answered: Check clearing

The check may be put on hold for 10 days. The bank has no way of knowing what is in their account UNLESS you take it to the bank that it was drawn on.

Answered: Aol bs

You can either do it through your account online or call their customer service #.

Answered: Estimated value of 1966 gmc pickup that was ...

Go to This is Kelly Blue Book. Put in the information on the vehicle and it will calculate the value.

Answered: I don't have enough brown sugar for a cookie ...

Syrup or honey will make the dough thinner because it is a liquid. Try using regular sugar instead. I have done this and there is no taste difference.

Answered: SS

It seems, from what I know, you should be collecting SSI BEFORE receiving Medicare benefits. In order to be eligible for disability, you must meet at least 3 requirements before being considered ...

Answered: Ive got my boyfriends college graduation coming ...

Try a bridal shop. They have all size lengths and colors to fit your taste.

Answered: Remote control for tv. Portland tv has ...

Try a universal remote. Walmart has them (or any department store near you) for about $6.00. I bought one 3 years ago, it works great!

Asked: Career change in a job hunt

How can one find a job in this recession beaten country and change their career at the same time?

Answered: California Octuplets

elen4918: Amen to that!

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