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Women like silent men. They make good listeners and bed partners.
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I'm 5'6', 114 pounds and with Blondie brown hair a beautiful woman so I've been told. I like men of good nature, wit, spiritual, nice looking, some what dirty minded not perverts just normal sexual talk. I'm single an divorced once. I was very young when that happened. I like loyal, honest and strong minded men. No wimps! I love positive thinking.







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Answered: SEX

This sexual disorder is a form of paraphilia. Their not attracted or interested in men their own age. I think they look for a father figure for a sexual partner.

Answered: I really like my bestfriends x boyfriend what do i ...

Talk it over with your best friend first. Just to see how she feels about your feelings towards him. She maybe over him and you can start dating him.

Answered: Is this a legitimate company: Arizon Boiler ...

Call the (BBB) Better Business Bureau in Arizona to see if it's legitimate.

Answered: What does fee rebate mean

Are you talking about free rebate. If so you will get money back after you purchase an item with a rebate attached to it. It will be a mail in rebate most of the time.

Answered: What is a motorcycle in canada (GOVERNMENT DEF )

Motor scooter or motorcycle. The licensing is in two classes M1 and M2.

Answered: Whey protein isolate

It helps increase amino acid in the blood. Bodybuilders use it because it digest fast so they can increase their mass. It helps better the nutrients to areas of repair and rebuild of your muscles.

Answered: Can you get your nails done while being pregnant?

Yes you can if you don't use toxic chemicals to hurt the baby.

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Rocmike3 says:
"It is good to see that America has fallen into such capable hands. We work best when we work together. "To the Army and the Navy, and the battles they have won. Here's to red, white, and blue, the colors that never run.""
lawbug says:
"To a very proud and honist young lady who tells it like it should be told. And i back up what i say, don't know when to back down. Yes i am loveing and sweet till some one acts like they know it all."
EJ says:
"Thanks for the compliment JJ! It's nice to meet you too. Welcome to Yedda! Stay sweet, and you'll be fine! :) All the best (Elijah)"
~Jada~ says:
"Hello Jen and thanks for adding me as a contact. Welcome to Yedda and enjoy! I'm sure we will be posting together down the line... see ya there."
gary999 says:
"It was my pleasure JJ. PS; watch out for "Stormin Norman""
AShoofly says:
"Jen-Jen, Welcome to Yedda. I see you like to have fun. Thank you for making me a contact. Talk to you later on Yedda World."
Hodag says:
"Hi Jen-Jen: Glad to see you on Yedda, welcome (a little late) and thanks for the compliment."