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conservative to the bone
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divorced mother of one son who is in the military. conservative and loving it. i am a nurse and been a nurse for 7 years and at night i am a trainer in a gym. i stand at 5'7' weigh 145 lbs. natural born red head.



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Commented: About dot's answer (This answer is not available)

no lie can live forever so does that mean i should tell my spouse i lost $3000 at the casino

Commented: About Anonymous Coward:'s answer

yea maybe since he likes to say republican eat their own then we should start saying liberalism must eat braincells. he sounds like a bitter bigot

Commented: About Anonymous Coward:'s answer

the only thing obummer gets right is being an idiot

Answered: Assessing the President

Obama cannot pull off that whole cowboy image. Hey, remember when being a cowboy was a bad thing? I never thought it was, because I far prefer a cowboy to an empty suit. But, it turns out that ...

Commented: About R.A. Shipman's answer

these leftys have a real bad problem and obummer is the head of the line

Commented: About richard's answer

richard that would one stinky potatoe. i can smell it njow

Commented: About the bruce's answer

bruce ur a freakin asshole just like that obummer u serve

Commented: About the bruce's answer

qb, i am sory to post those things. i took them down. i feel very bad now. now i hate bruce. he made me do something i should not do because i got so angry with his crap.

Answered: Is Obama's Response better than Bush?

hell no obummer respons is not better than bush. obummer cant do anything right but tell lies and piss off poeple

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"Sassyfrass..Thank you for the compliment, I have seen some of your comments and think that you will enjoy Yedda very much.. Have fun and get yourself settled in... Gypsey"
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"No problem. Thank you for your kind words"