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divorced mother of one son who is in the military. conservative and loving it. i am a nurse and been a nurse for 7 years and at night i am a trainer in a gym. i stand at 5'7' weigh 145 lbs. natural born red head.



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its good to see christians here. too many atheists

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chaplain those are facts that you shared

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bruce you too are funny. funny is a dummy way. democrooks eat their own

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i dont worry about the sickos here. they are a dime dozen

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u write ugly things 2 so talk 2 urself

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i work everyday so i cant be on yedda all the time. this might sirprise you but i am a trainer at a gym. what u need is a life so u can stop harasing good peopel.

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pattypee and the other obummer worshippers is disregard

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maybe their right. i dunno i am jus guess n

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obummer dragged his feet becauase bp gave him a mess of money on his campane trail

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~Sweet Gypsey~ says:
"Sassyfrass..Thank you for the compliment, I have seen some of your comments and think that you will enjoy Yedda very much.. Have fun and get yourself settled in... Gypsey"
IamQweenBee says:
"No problem. Thank you for your kind words"