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I am a canine/animal behaviorist and trainer. I guess I'm like a female amature "Dog Whisperer" like Cesar Millan on the National Geographic Channel.

If you have ANY questions pertaining to dogs, (my specialty) cats or any other animals, please feel free to ask me.

You can also, if you want privacy e-mail me at  Mickyomarx@aol.com  Wink

F.A.B. is (Friendly. Animal. Behaviorist.)

♥~MICKI~♥~F.A.B~♥   AKA ~SWAY~


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  This is me.Wink

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Answered: What happens if urine touches plastic of drug test ...

IF I think what your asking is right then no, it shouldnt matter unless your trying to pass a drug test and your own urine gets on it, even then, it takes a bit more than a touch. Hope that helps ...

Answered: If i take tramadol 50 mg twice a day for 2 weeks ...

Hello Sharonkitty Actually you may feel a bit of uneasiness, a bit of anxiousness, irritability and SLIGHT withdrawals but nothing you wont be able to handle. Just be sure to follow Dr's orders, DONT ...

Answered: Is there a diuretic that doesn't reduce sodium or ...

I would ask to make sure with a Pharmacist or your Dr. I know if you take a lot of water pills etc then you should be woried about it but if your're only taking it like every 2 - 3 eeks, you should be ...

Answered: Proper disposal of OTC cold medications

Most pharmacy's have a system or information about disposal of OTC and other medications as long as they're not controlled meds. My pharmacy does. They have a plastic envelope you put them in and ...

Answered: Oxycodone 0.5 mixed with ativan

Im sorry, Is there a question??? Just be VERY careful if you're taking both and ONLY if your Dr. know about the other. Some people use ativan to help with the withdrawals from oxycodone. ~Micki

Answered: What is the best way to stick it to your boss ...

Hmmm..I got ideas but that depends on how crazy ya wanna go! haha! (wouldnt want you to lose your job!) First, can you share why you want to stick it to him so bad?? ~Micki

Answered: Do all puppy listen to the word no?

Hi Aika! Puppies have really short attention spans so be patient but keep reinforcing what you Do want and what you DONT want your puppy to do and dont do. Dont confuse him. When he does something ...

Answered: Herion problem :(

Hi If this person is serious, there are several options. Residential Treatment - (Rehab) is one. They can take you off opiates safely without going through major withdrawls. If they have insurance ...



~Jada~ says:
"Happy 4th of July!"
~Jada~ says:
"Hi Micki... glad you like the Rotti lol. He's the baby around here. Love, love, LOVE the picture of you! Beautiful and smart...my kind of girl! ; )"
jack price says:
"hi michelle .long time no see.great to see your doing well. jack. p "
Wild Irish Rose says:
"Just wanted to compliment you on a great answer you gave about 4 months ago to a pit bull owner who wanted to teach her dog how not to sleep in her bed any more because she's pregnant. Your ideas were great and it's obvious you have a lot of knowledge, empathy and compassion when dealing with animals. I have a 9 year old Lab, and I know that sometimes when we let our companions "get away" with things for a time, it can be hard to "re-train" them, but it can be done in most cases. I'm glad I ran across your answer, now I know who to go to for answers to any animal questions I might have. "
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"Hey Micki! I'm doing great...thanks for asking and I hope you are as well! It's always good to see you!"
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"You are a vary smart poster."
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"MICKI, Happy New Year! Have a wonderful 2011."
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"Hi Micki... I'm stopping by your page to say Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! I hope 2011 brings everything you want, need, and wish for. ~Jada~"
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"Best of health ,to you and yours!"
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"Hi Micki! Thank you for your kind words! I do appreciate that...It looks as though we are both animal lovers and I have enjoyed many of your answers too. I added you as a contact!"
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hi Micki :) Enzo is great. He's such a sweet boy, a huge puppy which is very cute. How many hours do you think that big dogs should be able to learn to hold it without going out?"
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hey... thanks for your great advice all the time. I have a quick question. I adopted a dog 2 months ago, he is now 10 months old. He is a big German Shepard mix with some Sharpe in him. He gets very upset when I leave the house. He hates being left alone. Do you have any advice?"
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"Hi F.A.B ~Micki~! Thanks for the appreciation and the add :) It's great to see someone else who is using this site for all the right reasons and offering some great help and advice to other Yedda users :)"
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"Love your website! How did it go with training the Chocolate Lab puppy? I hope well!"
poochlover says:
"Another great answer about puppy training! xoxo"
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"i am going thru checking old profiles of my friends and i have found lots that never got their compliment from me...i just love what ever you say...and also dog whisper....i use to watch re-runs lol...i am so glad that someone that know about animals is here on yedda...God bless...nanadee"
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"I love your positive answers about animals! Keep up the great work on Yedda!"
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"Heeey, how are you? I'm Anya. I just wanted to use this box to let you know that I really love your answers here. I'm an animal lover too. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us here on Yedda. "
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"F.A.B Thank you for making me a contact. I find your post interesting. What kind of cat do you have there? "
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"Thank you. I would like to take all the credit- that's the American way, is it not?- but I have had many good teachers along the way and Dr. G is never more than a few strokes away. May GOD's blessing be upon you and your family. Jay"
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"Thank you very much for the lovely compliment. I consider any and every animal lover to be my friend! Keep up your great answers as well! "
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"You have wonderful energy and a true love of animals. I am enjoying reading your answers! Interesting one-eyed cat you've got there!! Keep up the great work! "