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Answered: How do i turn up temp on hot water heater?

Hi lauren at the water heater there should be a dial that says warmer or colder it should be toward the bottom of the water heater. just dont turn it to high then your bill will go up. and kids may ...

Answered: Land/tax question

in the court house ,records dept. if you talk to someone there real sweet they might look it up for you. also try deeds and title. If you have the exact address look it up online.,

Answered: What woman look for in a guy

Hey Tommy; first i would like to know how old you are, your age will make a diff as far as the type of women you are you have someone in mind if not Remember this ;type a women like a ...

Answered: Please answer!

First find out what kind drugs thier on then what kind of medicine he was given

Answered: What would cause my 10 yr old daughter to pee in ...

Ten year old girls are usually frieghtened very easly. She may have seen something like a shadow or an insect . Who knows. I think you should talk to her in a loving way that doesn't scare her. also ...

Answered: How to find aerial photos

On the internet type in satilite view with as much info as you can see what happens

Answered: More Password Help Needed

If all else fails cancel the account, then start a new accont then you should be able to put youre password in

Answered: Very important to me

Are you asking for help finding a lost item or asking where we think you should look for it because it has not been found in the house or places you think he left it

Answered: Have pain in back to shoulderblade-scapular. have ...

If your back pain is severe go to the ER or call 911. If you determine the cause of your pain, like heavy lifting or bending and twisting the wrong way a heating pad might help. Heating pad should ...

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