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Answered: Problem with congregation member.

Doesn't your church teach about compassion and understanding or is your church conducting a talent competition?? Geez, let the guy be and be happy he is not criticizing YOU for one of your ...

Commented: About YWN's answer

Lady, the point is that it is not ALL Muslims. Get it? There are extremists in every religion.

Commented: About YWN's answer

I'm a bitter atheist because I chastized a spammer? Your logic circuits need an overhaul, pal.

Answered: Should Rihanna get back to Chris Brown?

Only if she thinks black eyes are a good look.

Commented: About Chaplain John's answer

Sorry, intelligent people don't accept "miracle" as a logical explanation for anything.

Answered: How was it possible to build the ark?

Good question. There are too many inconsistencies in the story for it to be true.

Commented: About Burt's answer

Of course Karl Marx is not the idol of atheists but people who have no other argument have to insist that he is in order to denigrate people they know nothing about.

Answered: Which Fairy Tale is the Scariest?

Noah's Ark. People use it as a warm fuzzy story for the kids but it is actually the first holocaust. God murdered millions of innocent men, women and children in that alleged flood.

Answered: How do I get back my old AOL toolbar with ...

Do yourself a favor and rid your computer of all AOL software.

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