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Answered: What if your on birth control and every time you ...

Ummmm have u thought about the possibility of it being semen?

Answered: Whats the BEST song you ever heard?

Who sings unchained melody dogbreeder?

Answered: Does Obama have a chance

It's been 8 years since weve had a democrate in the white house, that's not even a decade, so what is this "new path" you are talking about?

Answered: Problem getting sexually aroused

women reach there sexual peak in there forties but in the mean time there is no reason she should be incappable of having any arousal at all maybe you really do need to kick down with the lick down.

Answered: Do you believe in the death penalty? If so, in ...

Anyone in prison who want's help for anything can get it, but just like any other rehabilitation program, you have to admitt you want help, and you have to ask for it, lot's of people are ...

Answered: Does Obama have a chance

It can get much worse than what we have now...much much worse.

Answered: Is government necessary? Please explain ...

I am certainly not a liberal! I agree with you about the federal government, I was speaking to you about thomas Jack who posted this question, I think he is an anarchist. He doesn't see any need for ...

Answered: Are "illegal aliens" criminals ????

Awe BTDAWG, that is sad, you're too smart to be bad mouthing hippies, don't you have an intelectual response to Jeffs good point? Where did you get the idea that God created countries? That is ...

Answered: For how long do you think the Iraqi war will last ...

Well thank you Gustur that was very informative and interesting, however I am more interested in things like history, politics, and political history. Do you speak English there? Who are your allies ...

Answered: Pregnant or bladder infection?

If you were six months pregnate than you would not have had a period for six months, your breast would swell and hurt, you would have morning sickness.

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