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I work for a non-profit organization helping dogs.

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♥~MICKI~♥~F.A.B~♥ says:
"Thanks poochlover!!! ;)"
Mrs.H0711 says:
"Very informative answers on pet care!"
♥~MICKI~♥~F.A.B~♥ says:
"ADOPT ADOPT ADOPT!! "Thats where the BESt pets are!""
♥~MICKI~♥~F.A.B~♥ says:
"You have a lot of info and good advice regarding pets. Thanks for your compliment, I REALLY appreciate it. Seems like were usually on the same page! Thanks for being a caring pet lover with lots of valuable insight and info! Sincerely, F.A.B. ~Micki~"
ChihuahuaKisses says:
"Thank You for the compliment on my profile quote. I love this quote too, because everything it says is true. I don't think there is any animal on earth, that shows the unconditional love, devotion and loyalty, that a dog does. You could not ask for a better best friend. I'm really sorry it took me so long to respond. I am still trying to get used to the way everything works on this site. Lately I haven't been using this site, because I've had a few personal issues to take care of, but everything is fine now and I will be on a lot more! By the way, I think the dog in your avatar is absolutely adorable! Have a great day poochlover!"
♥~MICKI~♥~F.A.B~♥ says:
"Thanks poochlover! I really appreciate that! I have a new client next Thursday. A BIG 50 pound Chocolate Lab! Looking forward to working with the pup. (5months old only) I enjoy reading your answers and your humor! Check out my page (I JUST made it) www.fabmicki.com Id love to put your pooch up as another breed of dog. If possible, could you send me a nice pic? I want there to be MOSt breeds on my site. Keep up the good work! Take care! LIVE LOVE & LAUGH! Most sincerely, F.A.B. ~Micki~"
taligat says:
"Thanks. You work for a great organization."
Mrs.H0711 says:
"Very thorough responses!"