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Asked: Best time for aurora borealis?

What's the best time of night to see aurora borealis (northern lights)? Does it depend on your latitude?

Answered: Role models on Yedda

This is great! I've got a lot of role models to choose from now. I'd be pleased to get additional recommendations ... but in the meantime, I've got some more Yedda profiles to visit and answers to ...

Asked: Role models on Yedda

I'm just getting back into Yedda ... actually I've been reading interesting questions and answers but not contributing. I'm looking for "role models" of people who ask good questions and have good ...

Answered: Stress Free Christmas

I like lauras ideas. Also it helps me to think that Christmas is about love, charity, and other good things. Christmas is more about helping people than shopping for presents.

Asked: Melanie Oudin

What is your opinion about Melanie Oudin and her performance at the U.S. Open?

Asked: Omega-3 for vegetarians

Can a vegetarian get enough omega-3s (DHA and EPA) for good health? What about a vegan? (I don't want to eat fish or fish oil.)

Answered: What did you think of this year's Westminster dog ...

I love the name of the Sussex spaniel who won Best in Show ... Stump (Ch Clussexx Three D Grinchy Glee). I'm happy he could come out of retirement at 10 years old and be the oldest winner.

Answered: Help needed

The Singing Saints are at Forest Hill UMC. The director of the group is Cy Maulden. The church's bulletin has this contact information for the church: Forest Hill United Methodist Church 265 ...

Asked: Plan for New Year's Eve

What will you be doing at midnight on New Year's?

Answered: resolution for 2009

My resolution is to be more understanding of people who don't agree with me.


lawbug says:
"Thank you so very much young lady and the answers are the facts from the point of the law. As i never knowing all the facts but you read between the lines. I try to help the best i can. "
Lido says:
"Fern, thank you for noticing. I hope I won't disapoint you in the future. I'll be looking forward to reading your posts."