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Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.
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I know the voices aren't real.

But they do have some damn good ideals.

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Answered: How much does a Muslim donate to his mosque and ...

About 2.5% of ones net savings. That would be after expenses, bills, taxes, and debts. Which can either go to their Mosque, the Iman, or to any approved charity. Keeping in mind that different ...

Answered: What is the best Infrared sauna?

The sun. But remember. Melanoma is a bitch.

Answered: How can anyone believe anything fox reports when ...

FOX tells it's viewers what they want to believe. Even when their viewers don't really believe it. They'll go along with the "truth" they have been presented, because that is what they want to ...

Answered: Can one get support after years with none?

Depends on how many years. There is a Statute of Limitations on such things. If you are serious about this, then you need to contact a layer in your state to find out when that limit is. But, in ...

Commented: About andrewcranky's answer

Scientific truth is established by peer reviewed consciences. Not by the opinions of crack-pots, with worthless degrees issued by diploma mills.

Commented: About Brother Bill's answer

Bill. Try to pay attention and actually read the question being asked. The question was about Tax Loans. NOT a second mortgage.

Commented: About andrewcranky's answer

That wasn't "advice". That was general information. My advice would be that unless you absolutely need the money. Don't do it. My advice to you Bill, would be to get a life, and seek professional ...

Answered: About how much will i pay in interest and fees ...

Generally about 30% of the estimated tax return. It's basically a loan shark type operation. Just like Pay Day loans.

Answered: What do atheist and theist think about Soft Tissue ...

Mark Aritage has a "masters degree" from the unaccredited Institute of Creation Science, and a pHD from Liberty University. His findings of so called soft tissue have been discredited by every ...



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Yadja says:
"I don't believe you hate us all and I don't believe you have contempt for all of us. I believe you are not one of the raging bulls in the mob but of a lesser intent with some actual facts on your side at times. Good to blather with you now and again adrewcranky. Lady Darko"