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Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.
About andrewcranky:

I know the voices aren't real.

But they do have some damn good ideals.

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Answered: Can you vote in the general election if you did ...

I've never voted in any election is Nebraska. I'm still entitled to vote here in Oregon.

Answered: What will happen if burglars find out the pass ...

If you feel that this is a legitimate concern, then change your pass code. Change it regularly.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

And yet you can't show any posts of his where he "celebrated" any such thing. Now that we have established that you are lying, why don't you just slink away back to the slimy little whole you came ...

Commented: About TrueIowan's answer

"a preserved translation"? What the hell does that mean? It's still a translation. Of a translation, of a translation. The Catholic Bible is more "preserved". It's been around a lot longer. The ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

It would be so easy to make me look the fool by reposting one of these post by GreatBear that you claim calls for the death of jewish children. Why don't you? Because you can't. That's why. Why do ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Blaw blaw blaw. Hay, heres a thought. If you don't want to be confused with all the rest of the losers on these boards. Start using a consistent screennames, instead of always going by "anonymous ...

Commented: About TrueIowan's answer

T. You really have no ideal what you are talking about. The Kings James is a translation of the Bible. What do you think. That people spoke English in the Middle east 2000 to 6000 years ago?

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

I guess this means that, once again, you can't back up your own bullshit? All you can do is sputter and swear.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

So. If he has posted " hundreds of posts like that. ". Then it should be no problem to show me exactly what you are talking about. Try cutting and pasting one here.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

I have seen posts of his disagreeing with the policies and practices of the government of Israel regarding it's treatment of the Palestinians. I was not aware that that equaled antisemitism, or a ...



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LadyDarko E. says:
"I don't believe you hate us all and I don't believe you have contempt for all of us. I believe you are not one of the raging bulls in the mob but of a lesser intent with some actual facts on your side at times. Good to blather with you now and again adrewcranky. Lady Darko"