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Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.
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I know the voices aren't real.

But they do have some damn good ideals.

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Commented: About TrueIowan's answer

You do realize that Wikipedia is written by people who contribute input without editorial over site, don't you? The same people who wrote their web-site blurb, also wrote the Wiki blurb. But, I ...

Answered: Hawaiian crickets disprove evilution!

"The Kauai change is in the wrong direction to be evidence of microbes-to-man evolution." This would be the central misconception of your "Doctors" claim. Evolution is not a progression from "least ...

Commented: About TrueIowan's answer

Oh goody. You found there press notice. Good for you. They're still a fake college. You send them a check. They send you a piece of paper that says you have a degree in something.

Answered: Hawaiian crickets disprove evilution!

1) No one spices proves or disproves anything. 2) The only thing that disproves evolution would be to prove an alternate theory. Can you? 3) your "Dr." Catchpooles Doctorate was issued to him by ...

Commented: About andrewcranky's answer

Hon. There hasn't been a Babylonian Empire in 2450 years. It was ancient history even in the time when the book of Revelations was wrote. The territory that was Babylon was part of the Eastern Roman ...

Commented: About andrewcranky's answer

1} Iraq was hardly "babylon the great", and 2} 23 years later and,,,,,?

Answered: Marvel not:: it is fulfilled in your very sight.

Revelations reads like a book written on acid. Like something written by William S. Burroughs

Answered: Is there biblical proof that Truelowans Rapture is ...

The Rapture is a creation of 19th century self taught American preacher Joseph Miller, and other contemporaries. It is a piece meal interpretation of otherwise unconnected Biblical verses. Each ...



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LadyDarko E. says:
"I don't believe you hate us all and I don't believe you have contempt for all of us. I believe you are not one of the raging bulls in the mob but of a lesser intent with some actual facts on your side at times. Good to blather with you now and again adrewcranky. Lady Darko"