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Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.
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I know the voices aren't real.

But they do have some damn good ideals.

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Answered: Do u satisfied with your life? if not, how do u ...

ARE YOU. not "do u". Perhaps you would be more satisfied with your life with a proper education. Education is the key to a full and satisfying life.

Answered: How does death occur from sudep?

The mechanisms underlying SUDEP are not well understood but probably involve several pathophysiological mechanisms and circumstances. The most commonly involved are seizure-induced hypoventilation ...

Answered: What is the law regarding having a phone in a ...

The property owner is responsible for providing basic livability. IE: water, sewage, electricity, locks on doors and windows, sound construction, and pest control. All single occupancy houses, and ...

Answered: Who pastored the disciplines when Jesus left?

Simon Peter was the first Pope. However most of the original disciples went their separate ways to form their own, for the most part, separate ministries.

Answered: When did the courthouse burn?

I don't know, but I'm sure I have an alibi.

Answered: Noah’s Flood explains Hopewell Rocks, Canada!!

No. Water erosion explains these formations. Noah's flood, like the advance and retreat of glaciers during the last great ice age, would create massive geological devastation that would be far ...

Commented: About andrewcranky's answer

This has nothing to do with Obama. Stop projecting your issues into everything.

Commented: About andrewcranky's answer

Tramp. Where do you get the ideal that I am scared of of these people? You really are projecting here.



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Yadja says:
"I don't believe you hate us all and I don't believe you have contempt for all of us. I believe you are not one of the raging bulls in the mob but of a lesser intent with some actual facts on your side at times. Good to blather with you now and again adrewcranky. Lady Darko"