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Hay. You think I'm crazy? You should hear the voices in my head. Those people have issues.
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I know the voices aren't real.

But they do have some damn good ideals.

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Back to The original point. Air Rights don't apply to planes flying well above a property. They apply to things being built above a property. Like tree limbs, billboards, or parts of other buildings ...

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Logic time. If PGroot and I are the same person. Why would we be responding to each others posts? And again Fake Renner. Your whole web address thing. Total fake BS. Like everything else you do.

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As I have pointed out several times. This is not my website. This is AOL Answers website. There for. Any web address associated with it will be AOL Answers. Conservatives don't learn. If they ...

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Boo Hoo Hoo. Was that supposed to impress me? You patheticness is laughable. All you can do is follow me around and whine and cry. Is that what your religion has made of you? It's no wonder why ...

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99% of people surveyed in prison identify as religious. Fewer then 1% identify as agnostic/atheist. Also. Atheist are less likely to be drug addicts, or alcoholics. Less likely to engage in risky ...

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No. But, planes can be rerouted around antennas and buildings. Also. I really wasn't suggesting otherwise. We should always consider the reasonable person rule here.

Answered: What time of day does mardi gras officially end?

Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday, ends at the dawn of Ash Wednesday. Which is the beginning of Lent.

Answered: How do I find if property has air rights.

So called "air rights" are inherent to property rights. This legal concept is encoded in the Latin phrase Cuius est solum, eius est usque ad caelum et ad inferos ("For whoever owns the soil, it is ...

Answered: How to encourage women to work to gether to ...

by spelling it "together" and "glorify".



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Morgan says:
"I don't believe you hate us all and I don't believe you have contempt for all of us. I believe you are not one of the raging bulls in the mob but of a lesser intent with some actual facts on your side at times. Good to blather with you now and again adrewcranky. Lady Darko"