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Answered: Edmond d baritot is my father.He has be deceased ...

Here is a photo of your father's headstone.

Answered: Which company offers the cheapest car ...

Sorry the link came out funky. Just go to and type in Compare Automobile Insurance.

Answered: Which company offers the cheapest car ...

They vary. They take into account many things. The state you live in, your driving history, your credit score, type of car you drive, your age and on and on. It's best to go online and compare the ...

Answered: Need AOL version and can't find it

At the top of your screen, click "Help". click the bottom one that says "About AOL" That will show what version you are running.

Answered: I have window7

Is there a hidden question in there somewhere?

Answered: Have chronic medical condition, been going to ...

Why on earth would you think that people on the internet are able to help you?

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