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Answered: How to approach my adult daughter about being ...

By calling your daughter overweight you already are being judgmental.

Answered: Can a new 2 family home buyer have an existing ...

If they have a lease, the lease is with the previous owner and therefore is null and void. You can ask them to vacate.

Answered: How do I download tutorial for MS Office 2010?

Answered: Vera Doettling whereabouts

Vera S Doettling Age 74 Get the Dirt Check for Email Address 3387 Morel Way Placerville, CA 95667 (530) XXX-3024 Confirm Current Phone & Address

Answered: Americans with disabilities

Multiple chemical sensitivities may be covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it illegal for an employer to discriminate against someone based ...

Answered: Hal hanselboiseidaho

Is there a hidden question in there somewhere?

Answered: What kind of dog bones should a dog eat after ...

Your best bet would be to ask your vet. People here might give you false information that could damage your pet. The vet will give you the proper information to help keep your pet healthy.

Answered: Can my brother and sister over ride my power ...

What Bonestructure said is completely correct.

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