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Answered: I need help finding listing for horse auction in ...

Just go to and type in Horse Auction Indiana. Hundreds listed.

Answered: Can Celsa be used for a child over 21

21 isn't a child. It's an ADULT.

Answered: Who was Captain James F. Van Pelt Jr.

Capt. James F. Van Pelt, Jr. was, at age 27, the navigator aboard the B-29 which dropped an atomic bomb on Nagasaki, the second atomic bomb used against Japan in World War II. Van Pelt was born in Oak ...

Answered: Candianconsult I am a Canadian citizen and I have ...

No. You just need indentification such as a drivers license.

Answered: Methamphetamines and incest?

Weiners and buns Donuts and cops Siegfried and Roy Lassie and Milk Bones Peanut butter and jelly Idiots and morons

Answered: Un-pleasant sensations when I try to communicate ...

Why on earth are you trying to communicate with someone you're trying to get away from? That makes NO sense whatsoever.

Answered: How old can a child be to apply for child support ...

Children can not file for child support. You must go through a court procedure to obtain child support from the child's father. If you are talking about Social Security Benefits, again, if the child ...

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