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Answered: Amedee J. Santamour, Sr.

I there a question hidden in there somewhere, or do you just like tossing names around.

Answered: How do you give someone else the right to make ...

Answered: We are trying to locate a former small town in ...

You are spelling it wrong. It is Rossendorf germany

Answered: Dead bolt hardware. I'm looking for the plate ...

You should be able to find a strike plate at any home improvement store such as Fleet Farm, Home Depot, Menards, Lowes, etc.

Answered: Allen Born- Co-founder

What on earth is your question?

Answered: Limited Conservatorship

Is there a question hidden in there somewhere?

Answered: If a person threw a party for you but messed it up ...

None of the above. Just be happy someone cared enough to throw the party for you. Maybe they never planned a party before and did the best they could. Be happy with that and move on.

Answered: Where is the Smith Family cemetery millstown ...

Smith Family Cemetery, Adair County , Kentucky , Milltown Revised List ...

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