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Answered: What temperture does stink bugs die

why not try intoducing a natural preditor

Answered: How to annoy a hostile fellow employee?

Ignore. Be happy. Smile a lot. Work hard. Treat them the same as a spoilt child.

Answered: How do you dehydrate fruits?

In developing countries they leave fruit out in the sun. It is probably easier just to freeze stuff??

Answered: Food wrap material?

I would suggest brown paper or grease proof paper. Foil is probably the worst choise, boath for your health and the planet. Celophane wrap is not ideal. Paper can be composted .

Answered: Renewable energy source

Renewable Energy Sources are all well and good, BUT really energy saving is more important. List of Energy Saving Measures Insultaing you home- Very Important. If you are interrested in finding ...

Answered: Climate

All of them. All in some it is more noticable than others. Contries that are already dry for example will get very super dooper dry, and this will be noticiable. Whilst in temprate counties like ...

Answered: Path cleaning

A stiff bristled broom, and some water. A $5000 dollar pressure washer with special attachment .

Answered: What are the brushes on the side of escalators ...

I should imagine it is to stop things getting wedges down the side of the steps.

Answered: Milky way

The milky way is the galaxy we live in. If you look up in to the sky when you are out of the city (a long way out to avoid light pollution) you can see a bright strip of stars where the night sky ...

Answered: What happened to the house at 53 Seabreeze Way ...

It looks like it has been boarded up for some reason or other. Perhaps ome devleoers have bought it and are waiting for planning permission for a redvelopment, or perhaps the previous owners didn'y ...

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