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I am a graphic artist for The Funeral Program Site, a trusted online resource for quality funeral programs. I am also a designer for a Bay Area Website Design company.

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Answered: Funeral poem

For a great selection of funeral poems for a loved one, visit The Funeral Program Site . They offer a wonderful resource for anything having to do with funerals.

Answered: Free down loads words of comfort for funeral of a ...

If you want free download and funeral resources for poems and sayings, visit The Funeral Program Site where there is alot of information regarding what you are seeking.

Answered: Funeral

A funeral home transport is used to pickup the body from the place of death and prepare it for the funeral service. It is also used to transport the body to the burial cemetery, if it is not cremated ...

Answered: What should be written on thank you notes for a ...

There are some great examples of what to write in funeral thank you notes at The Funeral Program Site . Essentially, the note can be short comprising of just a few sentences that acknowledges the ...

Answered: I am a liscensed funeral director that wants ...

The easiest way to do that would be to create a Microsoft Word template. The Microsoft Office website offers many free certificate templates for download. Once you get a template you can just alter ...

Answered: Jewish Funeral Costs

Funeral expenses can vary greatly depending on the type of casket you choose, the location of the burial plot, whether or not you use a funeral director and where you hold the funeral service ...

Answered: Where do i find short poems for funerals

A great resource for funeral poems is The Funeral Program Site . They have a great selection of various poems by theme used for funeral or memorial services.

Answered: thank you note for funeral

Thank you notes are written by the bereaved family to the people who showed the most support during their time of loss. Also thank you notes are sent to people who participated in the funeral service ...

Answered: Most popular funeral song

I believe the most popular funeral song is "On Eagle's Wings". There is a list of top funeral songs at The Funeral Program Site you may want to check out!

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