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Obama's program is not working. That is why you aren't, either, or soon won't be.
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Answered: Coincidence? I think not

Iran is a cowardly leftist Muslim power that depends on terrorism to control the people and brainwashing to assure that their slaves remain only numbered slaves -- content to be leftist slaves to the ...

Answered: Is "OBAMACARE" Fair?

When passed, "Obamacare" was over 900 pages long. It has since grown to well over 2,400 pages, is more self-contradictory than ever, is more intrusive into your personal life than ever before, denies ...

Answered: What has Obama done for Amicara anyway 2012?

Obama will go down as the least respected traitor in history. Even his closest following robots now consider Obama unfit for office. He has done that bad a job hence nothing can save that fraud's ...

Answered: EXCLUSIVE: Romney Campaign Training Poll Watchers ...

Pete, do you mean "mislead people" by telling the truth? Sorry, but only leftists are absolutely required to be compulsive liars, deadbeats, and criminals. Only leftists have a clear need to lie ...

Answered: Hurricane Sandy Megastorm: How To Help

Contact the American Red Cross. Ignore fascists like Pete who will accept your donations and pocket them just to prove he is cynical.

Answered: Do you agree that Yedda should be used for posting ...

To date, the ONLY people who have a clear and convincing motive to lie are Democrats and leftists. They have always lied before, they have always betrayed America before, so why would not Democrats ...

Answered: Is President Obama still SPEWING the SAME old ...

The reason Obama and his idiots only spew the same old lies is that their commander is too drunk to think up any new ones. It is truly disgusting when the Chief Executive is so drunk -- all the time ...

Answered: People already know Romney is lying---so what ...

Were we to list all of the truly vicious lies that Obama and his bigots have used to get money and fool morons into voting for this uneducated Kenyan fascist, the list would be so long that this forum ...

Answered: Which 3rd party candidates can actually win?

Everyone has seen the purple haired extremists, bigots, liars, and criminals the "off brand" political parties have been running. Leftists have always been sympathy whores and that is all they ever ...

Answered: Debunking Romney's Viral Medicare Lie

Truly spoken, Lady Darko. Obama has been lying all along but only morons are stupid enough to believe his racist lies and bitter hate games. Of course, purple haired leftists look like they have ...


LadyE says:
"Like your response. "God does guide us in where we need to be". "
Paul Wittenberg Jr says:
"The You Tube on your personnel data page is quite encouraging. You have a message to share. There is good reason to share it."
Bill says:
"You pose something of a paradox, Mr. Suffolk. At once bright, a proven mechanical engineer, and a homespun philosopher, you cut directly to the question with incisive answers that leave the critics without any plausible reply. Your line of reasoning seems more like a country lawyer who has yet to lose a case than an erudite scientist who has yet to lose a patent. I congratulate you on a well considered balance of intellect and insight. I am glad to be on your side of the debate!"
Dennis Newman says:
"Thank you for the welcome. I will say that the discussion is lively. There are more pleasant persons than crabs. "
Chaplain John says:
"Thank you for the compliment! I do what I can with what I have. It is uncanny how it all works together for the greatest good."
Chaplain John says:
"Your insight will deliver you from all ills. Without memorizing Scripture, you do indeed know The Lord. "
Pickles says:
"Thanks Bob for recognizing our fearless leader is as clueless as a peanut farmer. I thank you . AMEN "
~American~~Patriot~ says:
"Bob Suffolk. Thank you for yor kind Compliments .I try to be a Patriot.i enjoy you comments to .i see you give some throught to them/Thank You American Patriot"
Morgan says:
"You have no doubt how much I feel for you. It is beyond the pale. Love Lady Darko E."
Morgan says:
"There are not just a few good men on Yedda but my goodness many of you. What a comfort that is. Your strength of conviction shines through. Lady Darko E."