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Asked: How to make a well in pre baked cupcakes? to be ...

how to make a well in pre baked cupcakes? to be filled after they are baked.

Asked: A Childhood Memory

Does anyone remember a song sung by Ernie Kovacs called Efim Oh Efim? And where I can get a copy of the lyrics.

Commented: About Kibbutz's answer

Thanks for the information about Moncalieri Italy. My maiden name was Moncalieri. Your answer was helpful. Thanks again.

Commented: About Juno's answer

Thanks for answering my queation about Rainbow Art. I will now look for Magic Dip.

Asked: 2005 elvis viz-a-ball-----------Does anyone ...

2005 elvis viz-a-ball-----------Does anyone know where I can find this bowling ball or other Elvis bowling balls? Would appreciate the information.Thanks.

Asked: Original rainbow art paint

Does anyone know where i can find the original rainbow art paint? The way it works is that you fill a pail with water, put in a few drops of two or more colors. Then take any object like a vase ...

Answered: The Suleman Octuplets

I think that Nadya should accept any and all help that she is offered. Or she may find herself with no help at all.

Asked: Moncalieri Italy

When was Moncalieri Italy founded and where did it get it's name?

Asked: Temporary custody by an older sibling

Can an older sibling take temporary custody of a child in the state of nj? If so, do both parents have to agree to it? If not, how does the temporary custody effect the parental rights of the non ...

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