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Answered: What is a spanker

A spanker is a fore-and-aft sail set on the after side of a ship's mast, especially the mizzenmast. Another definition is a person who spanks, or a paddle for spanking.

Answered: How to stay sober at a party?

How to stay sober? Don't drink alcoholic beverages. You can drink cranberry juice with 7-Up.

Answered: Where can I find a map so I can trace my father's ...

Google Maps might have what you want. If you want a paper map of Europe or the Pacific, a bookstore might have one. But you may want an atlas with a map of France, a map of Belgium, a map of Germany ...

Answered: I am trying to find my lost relative. He has ... shows three listings for Stanley Adkisson, but none age 53. Stanley W Adkisson was in Corvalis OR.

Answered: How can I find OLD medical records?

Try calling the hospitals in the town where you lived. Surgery would be done in a hospital. Their records should show the name of the surgeon.

Commented: About MGySgt Edward S. Renner USMC's answer

Iron II perchlorate is green, not red. Iron III perchlorate is yellow, not red. Iron perchlorate cannot release mercury because it does not contain mercury; it could release chlorine. Cinnabar (not ...

Answered: What is 6% of $16,000?

6% of $16,000 is 16000 x 6/100 = $960.

Answered: How far is it from alaska to california?

Mapquest gives driving distance 3553 miles from Anchorage to Sacramento, 3701 to Los Angeles. Flying distance is 2340 miles ANC to LAX.

Answered: My AOL's been hacked. I tried changing the ...

You say "hacked" but changing the password didn't work. Do you mean that mail is being sent with the sender name showing your screen name? But that mail is not in your Sent mail? That does not mean ...

Answered: Papa Francesco I would like to know if ...

Papa Francesco non postare qui. His Holiness, Pope Francis PP. 00120 Via del Pellegrino Citta del Vaticano


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