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Answered: What is a wheat belly?

There's a book Wheat Belly that blames wheat for people getting fat.

Answered: How to find the density of mass?

Density is mass divided by volume. If it's rectangular, you can easily figure volume as length x width x height. If it's liquid, you can measure the volume.

Answered: When should a will be filed

If you leave a will, name an executor. Yes, in most states they can use a simplified probate for assets less than $100,000. But that includes the value of a house, not just your equity after ...

Answered: Why do I never win?

You never win if you don't know how to play, for example at poker. If you are gambling, the game is designed so that you seldom win. If you are playing the lottery, your chances of winning the big ...

Answered: What are cbd's

CBD can mean a Central Business District. CBD can also mean cannabidiol, one of the active compounds in marijuana.

Answered: What are some nice variations to the name Prince?

Is this for a baby or a dog? A dog might be Emperor, King, Duke, Earl, Marquis, Count, Baron, Lord, Knight. An American boy? There have been some named Prince, Marquis, Earl, Baron, but mostly we ...

Answered: Sell house fast

If you need to sell a house, talk to a real estate agent. That's where you will get professional advice.

Answered: What should I do? My external hard drive got ...

1. If it can't be opened now, start by checking to see if it is plugged in properly. 2. It is possible that powering off your computer and starting up again will let the computer reconnect to it. 3 ...

Answered: What does an orange check engine light mean?

A check engine light that does not go out indicates that you need a mechanic to read the codes and fix the problem. It may mean a bad spark plug, bad plug wires, a bad catalytic converter, plugged ...

Answered: How much money is a 1.5 percent return on a 50 ...

1.5% of $50 is $0.75. But a more typical return fee is 15%, not 1.5%. 15% of $50 is $7.50.


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