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Answered: What should I see in order to know about a frog?

Your typical answer is 1. its parts, 2. its uniqueness, 3. its connections, 4. its influences, 5. its forms, 6. its uses, and 7. its substitutes. For living creatures, it is important to know where ...

Answered: What color is the zero slot on a roulette wheel?

Usually the zero (and double zero, if there is one) are green. They do not pay off either red or black.

Commented: About David Ray's answer

Did you go out August 12 to look for the Perseid meteor shower?

Answered: What is Florida court ordered rate of 7 percent ...

If you owe money and there is a court order for you to pay, the Florida interest rate is set at 7% per year for the length of time it has gone unpaid. This might apply to back taxes, or child support ...

Answered: Why does some call it isel when it is spelled ...

It was the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) . Wikipedia says that both are obsolete; as of June 29, they now use just Islamic State (IS).

Answered: How to edit downloaded file in adobe?

If you buy Adobe Acrobat software, you can edit PDF files.

Answered: What can we do to get a little extra watertowater ...

Use a bucket in the shower to catch the cold water before it warms up.

Answered: I have aol 9.7 and would like step by step ...

You can have a Blind carbon copy (BCC) in the address list like Jim,(Joy),Jake or you can create an address list that has BCC addresses in it.

Answered: Boyfriend Trouble

If he's been working 13 hours a day because there is a deadline, he might have to work 16 hours a day leaving barely enough time to eat and sleep. If so he wouldn't have the energy to smile. But that ...


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