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Answered: Can you send money order to Butler County Tax ...

I would call Butler County to ask. Contact the Butler County Tax Claim Bureau for all payment of all past taxes at (724)284-5326. This could be one of those scams where they tell you that you owe ...

Answered: Is this sight on the up & up straight/can be ...

AOL Answers can generally be trusted to keep your information private. The answers on AOL Answers are not all trustworthy. There are no paid answerers (except a few AOL employees). The answers are ...

Commented: About PGroot's answer

I had a few days where AOL Answers didn't recognize my password. But AOL was OK. I just had to wait until AOL Answers was fixed. If you can't get to AOL, that's different. Someone else may have ...

Answered: How do I get more volume?

You may have a knob on your speakers, and there is a software volume control also.

Answered: Deleting E-Mail

If the delete key makes poor contact, it might be processed as two delete strokes. That would delete two emails. You could create a page of ABCDABCD and test if delete sometimes deletes twice. A ...

Answered: What to do if misaccused of shop lofting?

You need professional advice; talk to a lawyer.

Answered: Contacting DCA1

Contact Amazon, they can help you if you are not satisfied.

Answered: What county is SUNY Oneonta in?

Oneonta NY is in Otsego County. There are no commercial flights to Oneonta. Oneonta is about half way between Binghamton and Albany airports, and there is bus service on Trailways both ways.

Answered: Value of signed joe tipton baseball

There are some autographed photos for sale from $25 to $75. I didn't see an autographed baseball listed.

Answered: Which process was primarily responsible for ...

Orogeny, usually from plate tectonics.


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