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Commented: About Bonestructure's answer

North West is the name of the baby by Kim Kardashian with Kanye West.

Answered: Above and beyond the call of duty.

Nameless used to be Zhorev who used to be Stealth, all RocMike aliases. And Who used to be Philo T. Manke.

Answered: What is the atomic mass of 97?

There is a stable isotope of molybdenum that has an atomic mass of 97, which is 42 protons and 55 neutrons.

Answered: Where is atica, ny in relationship to buffalo ...

Attica (two t's) is about 30 miles east of Buffalo NY.

Answered: How many Democrats voted in favor of the oil ...

The vote taken November 18 had 45 Republicans and 14 Democrats voting in favor; they needed one more.

Answered: What does "internet" mean in aol message status?

Status "Internet" means that you sent the mail to somewhere outside AOL, which means that AOL cannot report whether the mail was received or read.

Answered: What is 27F. in Centigrade!?

27 F is 5 degrees below freezing, which is -5 * 5/9 = -25/9 degrees C, rounded off to -3 C.

Answered: Forced to testify under the influence

Yes, you can be compelled by a subpoena to be a witness, but not against yourself or your spouse; if you are the defendant, the 5th Amendment protects you from that. If you address the court, you ...

Answered: Dissapeared emails

If you have a broadband connection, it may take AOL more than 60 seconds to locate your most recent emails and add them. I advise you to wait at least 5 minutes before concluding that no more will be ...


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