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Answered: Something happened to AOL. My letters are all ...

One possibility is to use Ctrl and the scroll wheel to increase or decrease the size of text. Another possibility is to exit AOL and restart it, or even to restart Windows.

Answered: ...

F=ma, so 275 kg x -4.50 m/s^2= -1237.5 kg m/s^2 = -1237.5 Newtons.

Answered: What are the community initiatives ALJ has taken ...

Is this the ALJ you mean? Abdul latif Jameel (ALJ), authorized Toyota distributor in Saudi Arabia.

Answered: How does BRJ hope to create more jobs in 2014?

Do you mean this BRJ? More than 37,558 job opportunities were provided by Bab Rizq Jameel (BRJ) to Saudi youth during the first half of 2014, highlighting the success of the program’s efforts.

Answered: How to download aol 10.1 when I go to the download ...

AOL 10.1 is a line of development that was abandoned about 3 years ago. AOL Desktop 9.7 is more recent.

Answered: I'm running Malwarebyes and Microsoft Security ...

Phishing alert probably means that some email told you that you need to "update your account". It is usually "phishing". They probably want your credit card number.

Answered: Is there a way to stop an I.P.# from posting on ...

There is no way for you to block posts from an IP Address on your answers or anywhere on AOL Answers. There might be a way for AOL Answers to block an IP Address from posting, such as the source of ...

Answered: How do you cook spadenies?

Do you mean spiedinis? They are grilled on a skewer.

Answered: How to write 3 less than a number is -12?

Let the number be x, then 3 less is x-3 = -12


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