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American Grace by Putnam and Campbell says that 17% of Americans have no religious affiliation, and that number has been increasing. Probably only 5% are complete atheists; the others (including ...

Answered: Why is it importand to learn Rounding?

You can't always get an exact answer like 3. You can't always get a simple fraction. And most fractions go on to an infinite number of places. Quadratic equations frequently have square roots in ...

Answered: How to repair a kindle fire?

There are places that do repairs professionally. If you need a screen replacement, I wouldn't try to repair it myself.

Answered: How to get help for refugees in los angeles with ...

You could give money to the Red Cross to provide help.

Answered: What are the hours it is opened?

You did not include any description of what and where you want the hours of operation. The library here is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 am to 6pm.

Answered: How to treat allergic reaction to flucloxacillin?

Not every reaction is an allergic reaction. Diarrhea could be a side effect but not necessarily an allergic reaction. You should CALL YOUR DOCTOR. You might treat a mild allergic reaction (such as ...

Commented: About Fred Guenther's answer

Matthew 5:22 whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire

Answered: Who wins in probate court?

Lawyers win. They collect from the estate. A disinherited person can win, depending on circumstances. Whoever has the most recent valid will usually wins.

Answered: How old was america yesterday?

The United States of America counts its birthday as July 4, 1776. So in 2014 it turned 238.


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