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Answered: How do I ewawr my password?

I think you mean to "reset" your password. "ewawr" is just one key to the left.

Answered: Downloads from aol are very slow, my other 2 ...

Use the other two browsers if AOL is slow.

Answered: I like the older version of AOL...can I still ...

AOL only offers 9.7 or 9.0VR for download. has those, and 9.5 and 9.6, but not 9.1.

Answered: What is the concludision on a stock having many ...

Look up "pump and dump". Unscrupulous people buy stock, then post "Buy Alerts" to get others to buy, and then they sell at the inflated price.

Answered: Where do I type my service tag #?

Scroll down a little on, below Top Resources, and there is a window for your service tag.

Answered: Who will help help me help me?

You can get answers to questions here, and you can get advice. But not money. If your problem is related to drinking, try Alcoholics Anonymous.

Answered: Debit cards, do I need a bank account?

Yes, you need a bank account in order to have a debit card. The debit card can be used to spend the money in the bank account, and it happens the same day. A check can be used to spend money in a ...

Answered: Who won miss universes 2015?

There is only one universe that we know. Miss Universe 2015 is Paulina Vega of Colombia.

Answered: Who won 2016 miss universe?

Come back next year (2016) for an answer.

Answered: What is hepatic vein velocites?

I think you mean vein varices. Varices are enlarged veins. Hepatic means related to the liver. Liver damage such as cirrhosis can lead to increased pressure in the blood vessels of the liver, and ...


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