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Answered: Which planet is 10 times from earth?

Saturn orbits the sun at about 10 times the distance from the sun to the Earth.

Answered: What does the phrase black keys mean?

The white keys on a piano play in the key of C major. Black keys are in between the white keys, and minor chords often use black keys. Negro spirituals often used only the black keys, for example ...

Answered: What is 1970 old tv resolution?

Before high definition TV, the US standard was "525 lines", of which 480 were displayed. The images were interlaced, nor progressive. So in today's terms it was 480i.

Answered: How is an estate divided if there is no will?

State laws determine how to divide the estate of a person who dies intestate (without a will). Look up "intestate succession yourstate".

Answered: Disappearing email

If you have set up another computer or smart phone to read your email using POP3, that's where your mail is going. If you use IMAP instead, the mail stays on the server.

Answered: Why do only three zones out of 4 work on my ...

The fourth zone could be programmed OFF, or there could be a wire that is disconnected or broken, or there could be an actuator that doesn't work, or the valve could be closed off. If you set it on ...

Answered: Search time frame

Are you asking about searching mail? When I use Quick Find it goes back years. But if your New Mail only goes back a week, that's all you get. Recently Deleted typically will only go back a week ...

Answered: What is base 10 of 29?

Unless otherwise specified, numbers are base 10, so 29 in base 10 is 29.

Answered: A law that prohibits traffic from driving through ...

It is very difficult to prohibit through traffic. You can't enforce it. You could possibly get a street closed off, but chances are that parents need the street to drop children at school.


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