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Answered: Chemistry help please!

I'll give you a start: CH4 +2O2 = CO2 + 2H2O Atomic weights of Hydrogen = 1, Carbon = 12, Oxygen = 16.

Answered: What is the new technology motely fool and?

I'm guessing that you want the new technology that Motley Fool keeps hinting at that will change the world. I think they mean 3-D printing. And if you pay to subscribe, they will tell you which ...

Answered: How many bailey nicole marfisis are in the world?

Probably only one Bailey Nicole Marfisi. US search engines only show two people with a first name starting with B and last name Marfisi, and neither is Bailey. And that first name Bailey would be ...

Answered: Where american airlines flies list?

There's a list in Wikipedia (as of 2013): And American Airlines has a map:

Answered: I am not able to type in the body of an email I;m ...

I have had that problem a few times. Exiting AOL and restarting it might fix it. You might need to restart Windows.

Answered: What religion does the sign of the cross?

Christians (especially Catholics) make the sign of the cross.

Answered: How can you travel by train?

If you want to travel by train in the US, go to the railroad station and buy a ticket. If you want to travel by train in Europe, in the US you can buy a Eurailpass before you go.

Answered: I cannot access my email and I cannot get aol on ...

AOL Mail had problems 2/19. It took them more than 12 hours to get it fixed. Naturally, the 800 number would be swamped with complaints.

Answered: Do I get lifelock as an aol benefit

If you are on one of the more expensive price plans, you get Lifelock included. If you are on the free plan, it is not included.

Commented: About andrewcranky's answer

Since the invention of airplanes and balloons, the air rights are now conceded not to reach above what can be reasonably built. You can't charge a fee for flying over your property.


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