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Answered: Oops! Search just fumbled that one. Give us a ...

You didn't say what web site you are on. Is it AOL Search? Or Ebay? Or Amazon? It sounds like the site is having problems, maybe due to Christmas rush.

Answered: What does that mean couceously

Do you mean courteously, cautiously, or consciously? Cautiously means carefully.

Answered: Where to retire with lots of sun?

Arizona has lots of sun. But Phoenix and Tucson are often over 110 degrees.

Answered: How can I check the interest rate of my savings ...

If you read the fine print on your bank statement next to an interest payment, it should show the interest rate.

Answered: How do I enlarge the type on my email screen ...

You can enlarge the type with Ctrl and the scroll wheel, or Ctrl and the + key.

Answered: What cheese can you have if alergic to milk?

If you are allergic to cow's milk, you may be able to eat a goat cheese.

Answered: Removing default of a signature when creating or ...

You can use menu Mail, Mail Signatures, to turn off the signature default.

Answered: What happened to the old mail folder and why when ...

You already got an answer about AOL mailbox style. You can have either the New/Old folders, or the Unified mailbox.

Answered: What happened to my old mail

Duplicate question, answered elsewhere

Answered: What happened to my old mail

Duplicate question, answered elsewhere.


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"You are an oasis of sanity in this desert of pure absurdity. You treat AOLA with respect that others fail to even contemplate. A class act."
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"Your answers are great and I don't know why it has taken me so long to tell you. Keep up the good work."