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You misspelled Dummkopf and verstehen.

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And I can spell Jawohl, mein herr.

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I do not speak German, but I know a few phrases.

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Evaluation wasn't the question. The only question was how to rationalize the denominator, which means getting rid of square roots in the denominator. I did that.

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More than 90% of black votes went to Obama in 2008 and 2012.

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Republicans were 89% white in 2012, 2% black. Democrats were 60% white, 22% black, 13% Hispanic.

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A black hole with its strong gravitational field causes gravitational lensing. A more distant galaxy may appear duplicated or turned into an arc as a result of a black hole or galaxy cluster bending ...

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I'll keep it brief. The moon is in an elliptical orbit around the earth, or more precisely, about their common center of mass. That common center of mass is within the earth, about 73% of the way ...

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Renner, Elden Junior, American Values, Trampo, Bill Jones, Harley Spirit, Anne Southern, Philo T. Manke, Fred Guenther, Justice, Chiv Warrior are all aliases of Mike Dykes, who also posts under ...

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Many Methodist Churches support gay marriage. Is that "doing the right things for the right reasons"? Or are the Methodist churches that condemn homosexuality "doing the right thing"?


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