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According to the Body Mass Index, you are underweight by about 10 pounds. That doesn't make you ugly, but it means you stand out less. Models tend to be something like your weight.

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Oron, you got the first one backwards, it should be (y-9b)/8m.

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Egypt is only the second most populous in Africa. Nigeria has about twice the population.

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And you are the dead man walking.

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There could be a word or two in front. Something like (Bad person), I'm giving up on you.

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The highest I found was one station selling regular at $5.03. The average is under $3.50. Neither diesel nor premium gas reaches $6.00. Please name one station in one US city where regular gas is ...

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Someone learning English, or maybe someone in elementary school.

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The earth radius is 6.4 x 10^6 meters, or 6400 km, not 6.4 x 10^6 km.

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Give the name and city of one US gas station that charges $6 for regular, or stop lying.

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Thank you. I was wrong on that; I thought it was about the bowl game. And one side of the Cotton Bowl (stadium) is the home (Texas) side. Maybe that includes one or both end zones.


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