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No. A planet is too small for fusion, and much too small for continuing fusion to the heavier elements like carbon, let alone all the way to iron. That happens only in massive stars, which become ...

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Some of them molest boys, some molest girls. But it may involve only 1% or 2% of Catholic priests.

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It is not only atheists who molest little kids. Hundreds of Catholic priests have been defrocked for such offenses. And Protestant ministers, too.

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She is not sympathetic to those who are not supporting themselves, whether they are getting taxpayer money or living off someone else.

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GW Bush spent more days away from the White House, many of them at his ranch in Texas. The count was 510 days per term. BH Obama spent 131 days vacation during his first term. But a President is ...

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Not true. I'm not any of those other names. is an AOL Answers IP. You are probably posting from it also.

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The Stanley Steamer used gasoline or kerosene as fuel. Water was a working fluid but not a fuel.

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Heny Je and jessica top the list this week for nonsense questions. charlie has nonsense comments. arjun and eplanetsoft51 top the list of spammers. jamess ppeter is a spammer. mmoonline is a ...

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That was OK until you put x+1 where it should be x-1.

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Yes, they are criminals for entering illegally or overstaying a visa. They are frequently also working (illegal) with a Social Security number that is not theirs (illegal) and not paying taxes ...


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