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MPD issues aside, it is an amusing thought.

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Why do you identify Soundarya with "Tadpole"? Soundarya posts only on her theory of knowledge, and is not stalking you.

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Did you go out August 12 to look for the Perseid meteor shower?

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Sorry, Mike Dykes (Renner), that IP address is not even the same one that you usually post. But in any case it goes to a proxy server and does not identify who is posting. It might be ...

Commented: About PGroot's answer works for me using Chrome on Windows 7, but I normally use Internet Explorer or Firefox. One possibility is that Java is not loaded, or blocked from running. I don't know if mail uses ...

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You can convert 1 cubic yard to 27 cubic feet, and you can convert 1 square yard to 9 square feet. But you can't convert square feet to cubic yards unless you are given a thickness to multiply by the ...

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The US births for 1977 averaged 9114 per day. There are also some born in other countries who are now living in the US.

Commented: About Anonymous's answer is a proxy server belonging to, about a mile from AOL.

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I tried sneaking in a question about what currency they use in Tbilisi Georgia. The answer of course is not the US dollar.

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A dyspeptic mole is a small furry creature with indigestion.


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