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That question deserves no answer.

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Why would you use a cryogenic liquid? Why not water?

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How about in the state of Washington?

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You can't use email or browse the web without an Internet connection. Maybe you meant how to use AOL dial up to avoid having a separate Internet Service Provider. You can do that, but you have to be ...

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There is no planet Vulcan in a close solar orbit. And there is no Celine at an L2 point. There is an asteroid Selene.

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Adultery is sex where at least one of the partners is married to someone else. Fornication is sex between two who are not married. Both are crimes under Sharia. In the US fornication is not a crime ...

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When we say a working day, we normally mean an 8-hour day. So 6000 hours means 750 working days. If you figure 200 working days in a year (365 minus 104 for weekends, perhaps 20 holidays, 20 ...

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Agriculture and Forestry might use biologists to identify harmful insects, bacteria, viruses and molds. Food industries too. Health of humans and animals also.

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Oron, your calculation is off. Where did you get 356 hours per year? Even with a short work day of 6 hours, 6000 hours would be 1000 days. And with your calculation of 200 work days per year that ...

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A moot question since the SF Giants won the wild card playoff, and are playing the Nationals.


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