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The original question was about Best Buy and background checks.

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The closest biblical verses about accepting Christ are Mark 16:16 whoever does not believe will be condemned, and John 3:18 he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in ...

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It is not every 4 years. It is 4 times in 28 years. After 1979, the next was 1984, then 1990, then 2001, then 2007.

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Search for "afterschool privatized" and you find several articles, one about Bloomberg, one about HR 3498, and so on.

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Tadpole is a derogatory reference to DfrogPong.

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And there was someone who posted briefly under the name Tadpole.

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The Chinese would do well to remember that we owe them trillions that would be worthless paper if there was war.

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Normally an uninstall will ask if you want your mail saved "on my PC" to be saved in a file on your desktop. If you already installed a later version as an upgrade, your mail was copied there, so you ...


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