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Commented: About andrewcranky's answer is an anonymous proxy server in Virginia, close to AOL. If AOL uses it, then Renner has the same IP Addresss.

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Eric "Boulder" Hall is the same person as the previous name Boulder, who was previously Giles, Chivalrous Warrior, Chivalrous Warrior Ben Sutton, Ben Sutton, Stealth, Nameless, Ignorant. Hobwabhob is ...

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AOL had mail problems on 2/19 for everyone.

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Since the invention of airplanes and balloons, the air rights are now conceded not to reach above what can be reasonably built. You can't charge a fee for flying over your property.

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Bologna still looks and smells good Feb 20.

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I do not work for AOL Answers. I frequently show up in the most active list under Explore (most active last 7 days). Last time I looked, I was in 5th place for most active all time. I might show up ...

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That web site does not identify the person, only the city in Illinois. If you want the name, it takes you to Spokeo where you can pay to get a name.

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That web site only gives a location Naperville IL but not a name.

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Ben Sutton has since been renamed Stealth, Nameless, Ignorant, and Boulder. Additional recent names are Who, Zhorevs Alverov, Physicist, Justice.

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Wikipedia has an article on reverse discrimination And the University of California vs. Bakke is a Supreme Court case: ...


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