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Prop 47, which appears to have passed by a million votes, is to take effect the day after the election, but the election isn't over until all the ballots are counted. So some judges might say the law ...

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I have written with MS Word only in technical manuals, newspapers and magazines. My sister has published books.

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Have you written a book that was published? Please give an ISBN.

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I tried one story on AOL and could see the comments. Another story on Fox did not have a Comments link. Is it Huffington Post stories where you can't see comments? Or where?

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Banned from the Joan Rivers funeral.

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The speed of light is exactly 299,792,458 m/sec since the last redefinition of the meter in 1983. Explosive shock waves are not close to the speed of light. High explosives have speeds in excess of ...

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Fred's formula is from Fabrice Bellard, 1997.

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I think you mean Gopaljee Dairy Foods, not Garbage. Auto-correct might have made it Garbage.

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Incorrect. You cannot cancel the square root of 3 as it is combined with another term.


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