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5 and 5/6 is correct, or 5.8333. Then you wrote 8.333 - I think that's a mistake.

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I think GreatBear is talking about Rush Limbaugh.

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I do not post as anyone else, and neither does Bonestructure. You, Mike Dykes, have at least a dozen names, including Trampo, hobwabhob, Freethinker, Stanley Pembroke, Anne Southern, Gene Smolin ...

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You can find questions on a category of interest. One method is to choose topics at the bottom of Answer, you can choose Science & Mathematics, and leave out topics of no interest. Another way is ...

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If someone can see into your back yard, they could complain.

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In your home and your back yard, it is not considered public nudity, but it might be considered indecent exposure if it is in view of the public.

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Yes, you beat everyone. I thought it needed a better explanation than your 2x+13, but that was correct.

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I found an article that says since 1998 there have been an average of 20 deaths a year of children forgotten in the car. Experts cite a surprising reason: a campaign to prevent young children from ...

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You are right, he said Disney World. But he also said something about 72-95 minute flights, which is about right for SFO to Disneyland near LA. I made some edits to try to cover more about cross ...

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