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Flying is a lot faster than driving if you're going more than 150 miles. A plane goes about 500 mph; your bike doesn't.

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The House and Senate are not making sensible decisions. They can't even put together a budget.

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I assume that all benefits are stated, and there is no future return and no residual value.

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3.5% of the voters in a precinct would be about 35 people. It doesn't make sense for that small number of people to introduce state-wide legislation or national legislation. California just had a ...

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You are wrong. That is not how you get a bill before the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate; there is no initiative at the federal level. That may be how your county works, but none of the ...

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Any US map shows Israel and usually not Palestine, but Hamas maps do not admit the existence of Israel.

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Fred Guenther writes (about Tadpole): it is fun humiliating you. That is harassment.


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