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That was Albert Einstein, not Eisenstein.

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I misunderstood what you meant by -6 and +6. If those are the second derivative at the maximum and minimum, then those are correct.

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f''(x) = -6 is a negative value indicating a maximum, and f''(x) = 6 is a positive value indicating a minimum.

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Elden is up to 2061 helpful, in spite of having no new answers for 2 years.

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600 faces are painted, that part is correct. But corner cubes have three faces painted, and edge cubes have 2 faces painted, so 600 is not the number of cubes.

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The current low estimate for the number of stars in all the galaxies we can see is 10^22; in our galaxy is 10^11. And we are discovering planets around a lot of nearby stars; frequently more than one ...

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You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry

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Tell you what, if you delete your answer, or correct it, I'll delete my "not helpful" comments.


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