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hobwabhob, Guenther, and Renner are all the same person. So are American Values, Serenity, Feisel, Brother Bill, Trampo, Harley Spirit, Anne Southern, Bill Jones, Fazizi, just to mention the recent ...

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No, a square root is 1/2 power.

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There are 178 million Muslims in Pakistan, 148 million in Bangladesh, 204 million in Indonesia, and 177 million in India (a minority). Then there are millions in Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco ...

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There are millions of Democrats. And there are thousands of drug pushers. In Mexico there are around 450,000 people employed by drug cartels.

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No, the square root of 2 is 2^(1/2) = 1.41421356 ... It is irrational, which means that the string of digits goes forever, but you can get as close as you like to the exact answer. It is not ...

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I think \leq is intended to be "less than or equal to".

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Feisel, Serenity, Brother Bill and Fred Guenther are all the same person, Mike Dykes.


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