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Answered: Deleting emails

You can delete emails in bunches. You may want to do this a page at a time. Click on the top one to be deleted. Shift-click on the bottom one to select all in between. Ctrl-Click to unselect a ...

Answered: AOL won't display mail

AOL had mail problems 2/19, they fixed the web version and the IMAP/POP3 access before the AOL Desktop.

Answered: How do I turn safe mode off?

You have to restart Windows to get out of Safe Mode.

Answered: How do you spell fax?

Fax is short for facsimile. Fax allows transmission of images. Facts is a different word.

Answered: Minor Fender Bender--the other party acting ...

You need to notify your insurance company if they are going to make a claim. The insurance company may have forms to fill out. You may need to report to the police if they are going to claim injury ...

Answered: Would you do about this school psychologist?

If either of you had problems with previous friendships, you may have to agree to do it her way.

Answered: Old Pictures

If your hard drive was working but you just needed a larger one, a computer repair place would typically copy all your data including pictures. If they didn't copy your pictures, they can do it if ...

Answered: how to delet broweser

Which browser do you want to delete? You can usually use Control Panel, Programs to uninstall a browser like Firefox or Chrome. You probably should not delete Internet Explorer (if you use ...

Answered: I am getting mail in my junk folder that is not ...

If you have them in your Address Book, their mail should not go to Junk (or Spam) folder.

Answered: How to stop this unwanted email

Usually there is an Unsubscribe in the bulk emails. That may work. AOL menu Mail, Block Unwanted Mail, you can put this company's email address in the Sender Filter. If you have some other kind of ...


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