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Answered: How to win a baseball game?

A major league baseball game is 9 innings, unless shortened by rain or extended with a tie score. High school games are usually 7 innings. The winner is the team that scored more runs.

Answered: I’ve heard that dart boards can dry out, is this ...

Cork boards can dry out. Fiber should not be allowed to get wet.

Answered: Deleting emails

You can delete emails in bunches. You may want to do this a page at a time. Click on the top one to be deleted. Shift-click on the bottom one to select all in between. Ctrl-Click to unselect a ...

Answered: AOL won't display mail

AOL had mail problems 2/19, they fixed the web version and the IMAP/POP3 access before the AOL Desktop.

Answered: How do I turn safe mode off?

You have to restart Windows to get out of Safe Mode.

Answered: How do you spell fax?

Fax is short for facsimile. Fax allows transmission of images. Facts is a different word.

Answered: Minor Fender Bender--the other party acting ...

You need to notify your insurance company if they are going to make a claim. The insurance company may have forms to fill out. You may need to report to the police if they are going to claim injury ...

Answered: Would you do about this school psychologist?

If either of you had problems with previous friendships, you may have to agree to do it her way.

Answered: Old Pictures

If your hard drive was working but you just needed a larger one, a computer repair place would typically copy all your data including pictures. If they didn't copy your pictures, they can do it if ...

Answered: how to delet broweser

Which browser do you want to delete? You can usually use Control Panel, Programs to uninstall a browser like Firefox or Chrome. You probably should not delete Internet Explorer (if you use ...


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