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Answered: Divorce uncomplicated

Why do you need a divorce? If he's paying the bills and mortgage and cheating on the side, and you want him to continue paying the bills and mortgage, setting him free to marry someone else doesn't ...

Answered: Best workout for weight loss

Anything that burns calories is good for weight loss. Some people play basketball or racketball. Some run on treadmills or outdoors, which does not require a partner or a schedule. Swimming can be ...

Answered: What to do if having chest pain months after heart ...

If you are having chest pain, surgery or no surgery, SEE A DOCTOR. An EKG will tell whether you are having heart problems. But it could be something else, like pneumonia, or heartburn.

Answered: WHY DOES MY 2014 Toyota Camary use oil half a ...

Using 1/2 quart in 5000 miles is not much. You're going to have an oil change before you need a full quart.

Answered: At home I have mail that I am waiting to send. I ...

You mail waiting to be sent is in the Personal Filing Cabinet in your computer at home. It is not stored on AOL servers.

Answered: Who is the leading celebrity?

You will have to decide for yourself what "leading" means. Do you mean the one who is paid the most? The one with the latest music award? The one with the latest acting award? The one with the ...

Answered: How to change from purple line to red line?

If it's Chicago, Howard, Belmont and Fullerton are transfer points.

Answered: How to change from purple line to red line?

I think you are asking about subway or trolley lines, but you didn't say what city. Do you mean Los Angeles Metro? The red line and purple line run together from Wilshire/Vermont to Union Station.

Answered: Why is it so difficult and costly to findout one ...

It is not very difficult or costly to find a blood type. You can get your blood type for free when you donate a pint of blood.

Answered: Why is it important that the constitition be ...

It is important that the Constitution be followed. So if you want to do something not previously allowed by the Constitution, like collecting an income tax, or prohibiting alcoholic beverages, it ...


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