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Answered: How to proove that childs mental disorders was ...

You can't prove the cause of mental disorders. Some might be genetic. Some might be due to neglect or abuse.

Answered: Mathematics

305 million divided by 6.7 billion is .0455, which is 4.55%

Answered: DSP crime tip; at Fleetwood Estates my neighbor ...

AOL Answers is not the place for a crime tip. If you want to notify the Delaware State Police, try

Answered: How to name the IRS in a foreclosure of a federal ...

If you need legal advice, I recommend that you see a lawyer.

Answered: What is 6x +14> 20?

6x + 14 > 20 is an inequality. Instead of an equal sign it has a greater than. An inequality can be simplified much like an equation, except that multiplying by a negative number would reverse the ...

Answered: I didn't receive an e-mail

First, you might need to wait more than 1 minute for AOL to retrieve new mail. Second, look in your Spam folder, it might be there.

Answered: Downloads from aol are very slow, my other 2 ...

Use the other two browsers if AOL is slow.

Answered: I like the older version of AOL...can I still ...

AOL only offers 9.7 or 9.0VR for download. has those, and 9.5 and 9.6, but not 9.1.


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