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Answered: Do companies lose money when they offer coupon?

The fallacy in your argument is that you do not know the cost. You only know the previous price. If the item costs the company $60 and they sell it for $200, they make profits. If they give you 40 ...

Answered: How to unlock my yahoo account

If your account is locked, you need to call them on the telephone and convince them that you are the owner.

Answered: I have asthma not bad or anything I never even ...

Go to a doctor. The doctor can listen to your breathing and your heart. It could be a collapsed lung. It could be a heart attack. It seems like an emergency to me.

Answered: What is a zionist?

A Zionist is one who wants a Jewish state of Israel, and that includes supporters of Israel who are not Jewish. Men and women and Christians and Buddhists can be Zionists.

Answered: How long will $2.5 million last with an interest ...

$2.5 million at 2.5% interest (tax-free?) gives $62,500 per year. So if you need $80,000 per year, you need to take $17,500 from the principal, and your interest earned will go down. Not to worry ...

Answered: Can you help with my research please?

Unfortunately the survey only allows one choice at each experience level, but for example an intermediate user might use a PDF user's manual, context-sensitive help, searchable help files, video ...

Answered: Urgent!

A toothpick (or half a toothpick) might hold it together. If you haven't got a toothpick, use a piece of uncooked spaghetti.

Answered: What is proquid

Procrit is an injectable drug used to raise red blood cell count. A quid pro quo is Latin for "something for something"; you give something, and the other party gives something.

Answered: How to wire $ from one USA bank to another USA ...

It may be possible to wire dollars from one US bank to another by a telephone request, if someone at the sending bank knows you, or if you can identify the amount of your latest deposit. More likely ...

Answered: Tdag vaccine

There is a TDAP vaccine (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis) that may be required for children to go to school.


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