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Answered: What do you suggest missing items from burglary ...

I don't understand your question. You reported items missing. Did you find them? Or did you just realize that they had been shredded? Or your original report has been shredded? You might need to ...

Answered: How do i send an email to entire address book?

There is no command to send to everyone you know. And if you try to do it manually, it might be rejected as spam. If you're planning to ask for money, it is spam, no matter what your cause might be ...

Answered: What is the saying "man's _____ to humanity?

The saying "man's inhumanity to man" is found in a Robert Burns poem, 1784.

Answered: Is this some sort of board game from medieval ...

It says that the singing group took the name from an old card game.

Answered: Joan rivers

Three people were reportedly banned by Joan Rivers before she died: Michelle Obama was one. Pop singer Adele and former talk show host Chelsea Handler.

Answered: Find two different velocities for which the speed ...

You can have two different velocities with the same speed. Velocity is a speed with a direction, so you can have one directed north, and another directed east.

Answered: HIV/AIDS Outreach money donations

Every charitable organization needs donations, but this is not the place to ask for them. There are thousands of reputable ones, and we would soon have thousands of scams competing with them. Every ...

Answered: Tadpole is already suicidal over being shut out of ...

Aren't you the one complaining about harassment?

Answered: How to calculate 2/3 of 154000.00?

Using a calculator, you can even divide 2 by 3 (getting .666666666) and then multiply by 154000.

Answered: 16 oz milk chocolate flavored chocolate wafers ...

Chocolate in the freezer should be OK to eat. Texture might have changed. You could use them like chocolate chips.


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