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Answered: Lost all my sounds that I had when working my ...

The quickest way to lose all sounds is to hit the mute button. Another way is to turn down the volume control on the speaker. Or turn off power to the speakers, or unplug the speakers. Or you can ...

Answered: How many pitches have reached 20 wins so far in ...

No one has 20 MLB wins yet, on September 12. Kershaw, Cueto and Wainwright have 18 wins. Bumgarner has 17.

Answered: How much fence will i need for a lot 50'x 120'?

340' will go around the whole lot. You'll need a gate to get to the front door and a rolling gate for a driveway.

Answered: turkeys

Depends on your city code.

Answered: Do you have file a federal tax return if don't owe ...

You must file a return if your income was over $10,000 (for single under 65), $11,500 (for single over 65), $20,000 (married under 65), $22,400 (married both over 65). You may want to file a return ...

Answered: What is 2% of $13.09?

2% of $13.09 is $.26

Answered: Can I live in another country and still remain a U ...

As far as the U.S. is concerned, you can live in another country and remain a US citizen and collect Social Security if you're eligible. You may find that some other countries will only allow a six ...

Answered: What does de mean in french?

de in French means "of".

Answered: Why does a bunion joint leak pus?

Pus sounds like an infection. See a doctor.


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