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Answered: Copy pictures not working

Where are the pictures that you can't copy? There may be web sites that do not permit copying their pictures. It might also depend on whether you are using AOL's browser or Internet Explorer or Mac ...

Answered: What is box 14 on a w2?

Box 14 on a W-2 is for "Other". It is described on pages 19-20 of the W-2 Instructions. It might include union dues, uniform payments, nontaxable income, state disability insurance, health insurance ...

Answered: What is the population density in alaska?

Alaska is a big state with few people. It averages 1.3 people per square mile. 40% of the people live in Anchorage municipality, which averages 170 people per square mile, but appears to have at ...

Answered: How many score changes in super bowl 2011?

Green Bay (31) had 4 touchdowns, 4 extra points, and a field goal. Steelers (25) had a field goal, three touchdowns, two extra point kicks and a two-point conversion. Total 16 score changes.

Answered: How to repair sanyo microwave ovens with popping ...

Don't put metal in the microwave, including a fork or aluminum foil. If there is nothing in the microwave and it still pops when turned on, it is broken. It is probably cheaper to replace it instead ...

Answered: How do you get the monitor to sleep?

Control Panel, Power Options, Choose when to turn off the display. You might want something like 10 minutes of inactivity before turning off.

Answered: Could someone please tell me what colors to mix to ...

There are several "raspberry" colors. Raspberry is mostly red with a touch of blue. Raspberry pink is mostly pink (or red and white) with a touch of blue. Raspberry rose is a little darker, perhaps ...

Answered: How to cheap travel

You could join the circus. They will move from city to city, and you will have a trailer to live in, and food. But you may smell of elephant dung all day.

Answered: Two AOL programs?

You do not need two versions of AOL. The 9.7a version would be installed later than 9.7. You can go to Control Panel, Programs and Features, AOL Uninstaller and it will let you choose which AOL ...

Commented: About Vakta Mondal's answer

No, it is 2.5/100 or 25/1000 = 1/40.


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