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Answered: Who will give me $40,000 free

Oprah could give someone $40,000 but she couldn't give the same to the million people that also would like money.

Answered: What can never be found after it's lost?

If you lose your innocence, it can never be found again.

Answered: What can never be found after it's lost?

If you lose your mind, it can never be found again.

Answered: Is there a way to find a retired teacher who is a ...

Do you mean how to find the address for a particular retired teacher? You can try one of the "people locator" web sites. Retired teachers might not stay in California; some are in Oregon, Hawaii ...

Commented: About Abdullah's answer

I think \leq is intended to be "less than or equal to".

Answered: What is the closest airport to stanford ...

San Jose CA (SJC) is closest, 17 miles away. San Francisco (SFO) is 22 miles away but has 4 times as many flights and many international connections. San Francisco also has occasional delays due to ...

Answered: What s 8000 of 1/10?

8000 of 1/10, or 1/10 of 8000, is 800.

Answered: Exactly, where is Fort Ehle

I found a picture of "Ehle Fort" labeled 1782, Nelliston. Nelliston is a village west of Amsterdam NY. There's a Peter Ehle House from 1826 on E. Main St. There is an Ehle House archaeological site ...

Answered: What are the causes of sudden death?

Heart attack and stroke are the most common causes of sudden death in adults. For infants, sleeping face down on a soft pillow or plastic cover.


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