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Commented: About Bill Jones's answer

There is a moral imperative not to call others names. There is a legal offense called libel.

Answered: Is there a way to have my mail automaticallly ...

IMAP leaves mail on the server, best for most people. POP3 will typically remove it from the server.

Answered: Coronal mass ejection effect factors

The season has little effect. At this season the equator is across the middle of the earth as seen from the sun. But what part of the Earth is hit depends on where the CME arrives. It could miss ...

Answered: Blocking emails

You must be signed in to have mail settings.

Answered: How do I block my aol email from an individual?

You can go to menu mail, block unwanted mail. You can put in an email address to specifically block. Blocked mail normally goes to the Spam folder.

Answered: How do I retrieve MY FAVORITES ? I had a fire ...

Unless you used STORAGE SETTINGS to prevent it, your favorites are stored on AOL as well as your computer. When you install AOL on a new computer, you may have to sign off and sign on a few times ...

Answered: Potentially Unwanted program Blocked

It would help if you post the details of what McAfee can tell you about the Malware name and the files involved.

Answered: My dvd player always hungs up in the middle of a ...

Does it failed on used DVDs from Netflix or the library? Those often are scratched. Does it work on a new DVD?

Answered: What is2.04082% of 300 million?

2.04082% of 300 million is 6,122,460 but that assumes that 300 million is an exact number. If that is US population then it is an approximate number, so the answer should be rounded to 6 million or ...


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