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Answered: Need some advice for prostatitis.

He could have an infection of some kind. See a doctor.

Answered: What does antemeridian appointment mean?

Antemeridian (a.m.) means before noon, or morning.

Answered: How many years has nan known geometry?

Man has known geometry since before the pyramids.

Answered: What shape is an octagon?

An octagon has 8 sides. A stop sign is an octagon. But an octagon does not have to have equal sides or equal angles.

Answered: How do I use less data in aol?

Video uses the most data. Audio uses a lot. Slide shows use a lot.

Answered: Why netflix wont work on aol?

Netflix works for me on AOL 9.7 and Windows 7. What version of AOL and what version of Windows is not working for you? Does it give an error message?

Answered: Email draft

When AOL shuts down it does not save the email you were typing.

Answered: Can you send money order to Butler County Tax ...

I would call Butler County to ask. Contact the Butler County Tax Claim Bureau for all payment of all past taxes at (724)284-5326. This could be one of those scams where they tell you that you owe ...

Answered: Is this sight on the up & up straight/can be ...

AOL Answers can generally be trusted to keep your information private. The answers on AOL Answers are not all trustworthy. There are no paid answerers (except a few AOL employees). The answers are ...

Commented: About PGroot's answer

I had a few days where AOL Answers didn't recognize my password. But AOL was OK. I just had to wait until AOL Answers was fixed. If you can't get to AOL, that's different. Someone else may have ...


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