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Answered: I am only allowed 7 screen names but my family ...

Yes, you can have another AOL account on the same computer; you just need to rename the shortcut and install AOL a second time. No, you can't transfer screen names to another account.

Answered: On the front face, my IPhone 5S has a rectangle ...

I looked up the Iphone 5S user manual. The dot and rectangle at the top says front microphone and receiver. The tiny circle above is a camera.

Answered: Where can I get a roast peking duck in las vegas?

Long Jin, Joyful House, Blossom, Fat Choy, Jasmine just for starters.

Answered: Where can I have brakes repaired on Sunday

Midas is one chain that does brakes on Sunday. Sears is another. Your local auto dealer may have Sunday hours.

Answered: What e-mail does "Ask AOL" want from me? and How ...

Use your own email address for AOL Answers. Here's a web site for a downloadable Diabetes Self-Care Diary: ...

Answered: What would make my wifi stronger?

You may need a range extender to get good Wi-Fi signals distant from the router. Most homes don't need it.

Answered: Did anyone adopt the dog from the pound?

You need to ask that question to someone at the dog pound. We have no idea what city you are in, or what dog might have been on TV or in the newspaper.

Answered: What do you call the illness that one sneezies ...

It could be an allergy to something in the food.

Answered: What does "I want you" mean from a man to a ...

"I want you" is a proposition, not a proposal. It means he wants sex. It doesn't mean that he would marry you; he could be already married. It's up to you to decide how fast to get to know him.


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