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Answered: What year did mobil oil explode in torrance on del ...

Torrance has had Mobil refinery explosions in 1979, 1987, 1988, 1994.

Answered: How to get cabel channels without cabel?

A cable channel is not broadcast. You might get those channels on cable or satellite TV. Maybe you can get some of them over the Internet.

Answered: Why did I receive a 2016 decal for renewing my ...

You might get your notice in November 2014 and pay it. If your renewal is due in January 2015, you get a 2016 sticker to show when it expires.

Answered: Where to getkirkland sleep aid?

Kirkland is a Costco brand name. Kirkland Sleep Aid active ingredient is doxylamine succinate. You can find similar products at other pharmacies. Another sleep inducer is diphenhydramine, which is ...

Answered: Leg pain 7 months after hip replacement

You could have arthritis; you could have sciatica; you could have a new fracture. See a doctor and get an X-ray.

Answered: What is the message of king solomom having 1000 ...

1 Kings 11 says Solomon had 700 wives, princesses, and 300 concubines. And his wives turned his heart away. Presumably many of those wives were the daughters of tribal rulers, taken for political ...

Answered: Paracclesion, Is this a burial chamber or side ...

Parecclesion is a side chapel in a Byzantine church.

Answered: Math Question

I think the question is missing a + rather than multiplication. -6 -(-3) + 4 = -6 +3 +4 = 1.


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