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Commented: About Fred Guenther's answer

How do you think they make smoke signals?

Answered: How many stams for california voting ballot ...

The length of your ballot varies according to city and county, and the postage depends on the weight. A letter size envelope (up to 6 1/8 by 11 1/2) is 49 cents for the first ounce, and 21 cents for ...

Answered: What does it mean if your chest feels tight ...

It means you should see a doctor. If your chest feels tight, you could have lung problems, or heart problems; a doctor with a stethoscope can tell if you need further tests like x-rays. But it could ...

Answered: Does MBA degree helpful?

An MBA degree can be helpful, but only if your English is good. Your question indicates that your English needs improvement.

Answered: Phantom Ranch

Here are two that will cost about $4000 per person to raft the lower canyon. ...

Commented: About Robert's answer

If you think an answer is good or amusing, you can mark it Helpful. If you think an answer is wrong, you can mark it Not Helpful if you leave a comment.

Commented: About PGroot's answer

I answer math questions correctly, such adding 5 to 11 and getting 4 if 11 is the time of day. I didn't have to look it up. You come in afterward with fictional answers, such as adding 5 to 11 and ...

Commented: About Chivalrous Warrior Ben Sutton's answer

Gene Smolin, Fred Guenther, and Philo T. Manke pretend to have knowledge of mathematics. They invent things like powers of zero. It is usually phony. Chivalrous has no chivalry. He is accusing ...

Commented: About Anonymous's answer

Consider yourself humiliated.

Commented: About PGroot's answer

First Giles, then Chivalrous Warrior, now Chivalrous Warrior Ben Sutton. Three new names in 3 days created by Mike Dykes. I do not curse. I do not calumniate the dead, because he is undead. And ...


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