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Commented: About Trampo's answer

1. Trampo's profile: Click on the F after the name and it goes to Mike Dykes' Facebook page. 2. Brother Bill, ...


I'm drawing a blank here.

Answered: Can a priest or decon marry someone out side and ...

A Catholic is expected to get married in a church. Since marriage is a sacrament it should be celebrated in a holy place -- a church, chapel or oratory. In order to have a beach wedding, you would ...

Answered: What is the difference btween a blood clot and a ...

A blood clot stops blood from flowing. If it happens in the brain, that is a stroke. An aneurysm is like a blown up balloon; it has thin walls, and can easily leak. If it happens in the brain, that ...

Answered: What is 280,509,031 in expanded form?

Expanded form is an addition statement: 200,000,000+80,000,000+500,000+9,000+30+1

Answered: What does 1,005,480 kW mean?

That's a little over a million kilowatts, the size of a big power plant that can generate power for about 800,000 homes and 2 million people.

Answered: If I send 10 bcc's, does each bcc see the other ...

No. That's the purpose of BCC (blind carbon copy), that those addresses are not shown. So if you address mail to Jim,(Kay,Lee) then Jim can see that Jim is on the mail, and Kay sees Jim and Kay, Lee ...

Answered: What does a text mean from 1110484001?

That's not a phone number. It means they are faking it.

Answered: What does ~ symble after goodby mean?

My guess is that the symbol ~ is a wave, after goodbye it is a goodbye wave.


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