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Answered: Hi does anyone know of a drug that produces a ... It says if you smeall a fowl odor contact your doctor.. I am sure there are more. Like drugs that make you sweat profusely

Answered: Has it only been a year since I joined Yedda?

U R the Real Deal! signed LMarie! aka Brooke

Answered: Ghost

Me I don't. However I do believe that some people's "energy" lingers after they are gone which could give some people the feeling of ghosts. I do believe the mind is a powerful thing and if you ...

Answered: Has it only been a year since I joined Yedda?

Congrats profitbob. You are awesome! And i mean that!

Answered: Is romantic love necessary to achieve marital ...

Hmmm....we've been married for 27 years years are we happy? I don't know but we do love each other but I miss romance most of all. That would be the one thing I might leave him for because I dream of ...

Answered: Do you

Scammers are everywhere! Craigslist Yahoo Everywhere. My rule of thumb is that if's it too good to be true then it probably is. I totally agree with you Real but it's true on the Net and it's true ...

Answered: Smokers in the house

Leave. Had a friend her Mother died from lung cancer the woman never smoked but her husband did. I can't talk I smoke my Father quit after years and still died from lung cancer and I cared for him ...

Answered: How can I create better acoustics inexpensively in ...

You can hang a false ceiling made of carboard egg cartons. Howere I find when I want to sing acapella the best place to do it in is a church with high ceilings that echo everywhere. Acoustic that's ...

Answered: Textured ceilings

Why not roll it? I've rolled all my textured ceilings with no problem. I you spray it you will have to put up plastic all over the walls and floors. If you roll it without geting it too wet you ...

Answered: Dating protocol

If she wants to drive then let her.

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