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Answered: Men are from Mars

Oh yeah people who do that are "USERS" and they come in both sexes

Answered: Men are from Mars

Women do it too. And I am a woman

Answered: The treatment of african american slaves

Answered: Does the meds really help when you have by polor i ...

I agree with holden31. I am bipolar and was on meds and I really went nuts. Got a DUI and Secret service came to my house. Yes they did. I got off the crap. I was having such weird dreams I'd dream ...

Answered: How do i stop throwing up when i am high on ...

Don't you think you are better than that? I aint preaching just asking...I don't preach. I'm agnostic. But why?

Answered: How do i stop throwing up when i am high on ...

I Agree quit taking the shit but if you must here goes

Answered: Help I need to know what to do????

Get a court appointed attorney and file to freeze any pay he gets for back child support owed. Go to Social Services (Health department) in your area and get medicaid for your child and food Stamps ...

Answered: What can i do to help my son

Yeah my daughter hated to take it and go to school cause it made her tired. Where are the thumbs up I gave you they are showing up? Well maybe when you sign back on.

Answered: Just One Day

I would spend it with my grandson at the beach. The 2 things I love most!

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