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Answered: What is equal to excedrin?

NOTHING! It's sad but true. Although you could do the aspirin, tylenol and very strong coffee thing, it won't be the same. Perhaps that "missing ingredient" was the problem and the answer all at once ...

Answered: What is the best racing game of all time?

This question requires a rather subjective answer, consequently I have to say the essentially British form of horse racing known as "steeplechase" has to be the most dangerous, lengthy and physically ...

Commented: About Ol' Yeddar's answer

OMG! to Ol'Yeddar: It's spelled G-O-R-I-N-G; the root word is GORE. The Murphy definition is correct. To Anonymous: Boy, are you ever right!

Asked: Bad grammar and spelling has to go!

Anyone know of a "public service" group that corrects spelling & grammar of public writing? If not, anyone want to join one?

Answered: How can I learn about stocks?

If you want to learn about it solo, buy a copy each of "The Wall Street Journal", "Money" magazine and read them cover-to-cover, twice. Buy them and do that as many times as you possibly can in a ...

Answered: How to clean miniture donkey hooves?

If you knew how to "pick" a horses' hooves, I guess you wouldn't ask that, so we'll start from scratch; if you don't have one, buy a HOOF PICK. You can find one at a local Feed Store or any Tack Shop ...

Asked: Is Harry DeLeyer still around & are they going to ...

Is Harry DeLeyer still around & are they going to make a movie based on the book "The Eighty Dollar Champion"?


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