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Answered: AT&T T1 Disconnect nightmare!

Call their att business customer service line at 1-800-750-2355

Answered: Outside frost free leaking faucet

Hi, I think you may be able to get it slightly cheaper. As far as doing it yourself, if you have experience with soldering copper pipes, then yes you can do it yourself. If not, then do not even ...

Answered: Leaking toilet

Hello, you have one of two things going on. Either the float is too high and the water is running into the overflow tube. If so, then their is a screw to adjust the water level. However, since yours ...

Answered: Shower water Pressure

Hello, most likely a combination of distance away from your main water line and the the pipe size to the bathrooms. My guess is the one with low water pressure is further away from the largest pipe ...

Answered: Water Pressure for shower

Hi, it may depend on the distance and the size of the pipes attached to each shower. Also, check the showerhead and make sure it is not clogged up with dirt or residue.

Answered: Bathtub drain blues!

There are several types of bath tub drains. If you have the type has a lever that flips up or down to either hold water or drain the water. Then I would recommend buying the new kit that goes in the ...

Answered: I live in a 60 yr old home. In the basement ...

Harry, I would have a plumber cut out the section of the pipe and then inspect the whole pipe. If the pipe is ok and not rotted out then he can couple in a new piece. Otherwise, you can replace the ...

Answered: Fitting leak in-wall hot water

The problem is joining the 2 different types of materials. Purchase a CPVC Female fitting and make the connection CPVC to CPVC at that Point. Then purchase a CPVC Adapter that has Brass male Threads ...

Answered: My CPVC pipes are making a loud knocking noise

Check and make sure the pipes in the attic are properly secured. Otherwise, you will need to install a water hammer arrestor.

Answered: Looking for the average construction cost to ...

In this economy, I would buy. Because, labor and materials have not gone down. However, existing home prices have gone down.


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