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Asked: Bridal Entrance Music

The usual "Here Comes the Bride" march played at the bride's entrance is a classic, but I think that playing a different tune is also a good idea. What songs or instrumental music could be used to ...

Asked: How necessary is it to take vitamins and ...

How necessary is it to take vitamins and supplements for general health? Can't we just totally depend on our diet or food intake for our vitamin requirements?

Asked: Facial Skin Toning

When asked about their skin care regimen, a lot of women talk about the CTM routine (cleanse, tone, moisturize). However, I've heard that toning isn't actually necessary. What's the real score on skin ...

Asked: Chocolate and Acne

When I was younger, people used to tell me that chocolates could cause pimples. I wonder if there are still some who have this thinking. Eating chocolates doesn't lead to acne, does it? I would like ...

Asked: LED TV Power Consumption

People heard about how the technology behind LED TV gives us that high quality images on the screen. With the campaign on environment conservation, I guess people want to know how LED TV compares with ...

Asked: Acupuncture

Those hair-thin needles are said to have benefits in improving a number of physical conditions. But is it totally safe? What are the possible or general contraindications for acupuncture?

Asked: Discipline vs Punishment

When it comes to child rearing, two words which always come out are 'discipline' and 'punishment'. Do discipline and punishment refer to the same thing? It seems that discipline has always been ...

Asked: Configuring Windows Updates

Each time I turn on my laptop, there's a message saying something like "configuring windows updates", and it takes a while before it is completed, so I have to wait for several minutes for my laptop ...

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