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Commented: About Adelaine Watson's answer

Thank you, especially for telling me about the Four R's of consequences.

Commented: About Kj Force's answer

I'm with you that nothing compares to the experience of flipping the pages of a book...

Commented: About Cassidyfan's answer

Oh yeah, I agree that the book and the movie 'Eat Pray Love' had something to do with this emphasis on self-rediscovery. I actually read the book and watched the movie.

Commented: About Brothersoft Q AND A's answer

Thanks...Is it like outsourcing some work or tasks to another party? Sorry for my ignorance.

Commented: About Dr.MarkSibley's answer

Thanks! Nice to hear from one who does it!

Commented: About Vanda Gould's answer

I see...Hope you pop back here when good results are in! Good to know some reviews before taking a plunge into something I'm not familiar with...Thanks.

Commented: About taurasun's answer

Thank you...I'm now seeing this 'life coaching' thing in a different perspective based on your response.

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