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Sadly through it's advertising policy AOL answers as given me no choice but to leave a site I once enjoyed very much . A site where I met the man I love . A site where I made wonderful friends . These relationships will remain intact these people will remain in my life .  These advertisers are being allowed to promote infidelity , lies and deceit . Exploit men and women . Undermine decency and morality . Promote destruction of the family as well as lives . I consider this to be an all out attack on the family unit including children . What a horrible example this sets for our children . The placement of these inappropriate ads is highly insensitive as well . Rape question with an ad on how to have a fulfilling sex life . Infidelity question ask by a woman with a sugar daddy ad placed in their question as well as two others promoting having affairs . Health question posted by a minor reference his penis , male enhancement ads posted in his question . All of this is irresponsible , despicable , disrespectful and unacceptable in my eye . So I choose to ride away .  Take care everyone and God Bless You .

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Answered: Lima Beans! Help!

News bulletin ....... Since in the past some have voiced their displeasure and questioned the fairness of the lottery drawing SWC. We at SWC ( Stuck With Chex ) have made a policy change gone to the ...

Commented: About Equus's answer

Start talking to him in school . If the lunch hours are the same join him for lunch . If not try hanging out with him on the weekends . See what happens . Good luck and keep us posted .

Commented: About Equus's answer

Hi Lily , All you can do is wait and see if your Father sees the same good qualities in your BF as you do . Could be Dad is just feeling a little protective which is understandable . He only wants ...

Answered: Happy Birthday To The Virgos!

Thank you and to my fellow Virgo's including YOU JK . Happy Birthday Ladies .

Answered: I love a guy who doesn't love me?

Why don't you talk in person ? Do you go to the same school ? If so , and you have the same lunch period why not suggest to him that you eat lunch together . If you don't go to the same school ...

Answered: What can I give my Jack Russell for a cold, he's ...

Hi , Canine congestion doesn't necessary mean it's a cold . I assume he is up to date on his vaccines including a distemper vaccine . His congestion could be from several things allergies being the ...

Answered: What cause a pitbull to eat and kill its puppies

Hi , I am sorry about your puppies . Sad to say this is not unique to the pitbull breed there are plenty of other breeds and mix-breeds that this happens with as well . How old is your dog ? This ...

Commented: About Equus's answer

Hi , You're welcome and thank you for your kind words . I am glad you two discussed this and have come to a resolution . It shows you have good communication which is vital in a relationship . It also ...

Answered: Cats,Dogs..gotta love them????

This is a hard question for me . Dogs , horses and cats have them all and love them all . Even had a couple Alpine goats that were wonderful pets .As a child I had a pony named POGO . He and I were ...

Commented: About deeladybug's answer

Hey Dee , Call ahead I am locked and loaded here . They come to close again and it's lights out . We love watermelon and it sounds yummy bring two .

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~Jada~ says:
"Happy Birthday my Yedda blonde bomber soul sista! "
~Jada~ says:
"Happy 4th of July!"
mike wencl says:
"Too bad EVERYONE doesnt have a great head on thier shoulders as you do ."
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"Equus, you have become one of my favorite posters here on aolanswers/yedda and I don't think I've ever told you so. It's about time. You are level-headed and sincere and brave. A good friend to have. njoy"
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"Thanks Equus for your answer to my question! You always have wonderful advice and I really enjoy reading your answers here.."
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"Thank U so much Equus.. you really touched my heart with your words... Thank You.. "
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"Thanks, Equus!"
boomer says:
"You have great answers. I just read what you wrote to 24yo Anonymous who's been married 4 months. I couldn't figure out the details but you gave a clear, gentle, helpful answer. Good for you. "
~Jada~ says:
"Equus, I hope you and FB have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!"
Heidarella says:
"You are wonderful!! I can't say that enough right now!! Thank you for all of your advice and inspiration!!"
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"An honest and upright person like you my friend, does not come along often enough. Thank you for helping me."
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"thank-you for making me feel excepted"
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"I like your direct approach in your down-to-earth response to Heiderella."
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"Hi Equus. How are you doing today? I hope you're having a great weekend. I just love your questions and answers, and thought you should know that :)"
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"thank's for helping."
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"Thanks for the welcome! You have great answers and I can't believe how many people you have helped with your answers. Good for you."
Southern 7162 says:
"Equus, you have always been a kind and decent influence. Your words are most welcome. Life on a farm is life to the full."
djayusevlademir says:
"when I first joined Yedda.. your post is the one I first read.. and I must say, it really educate me.. thanks for it.. cheers.. and nice meeting you here on Yedda"
Asha says:
"I will never forget the first time we crossed paths here on Yedda. It was a question by a cheating husband who was feeling sorry for himself, and boy did DB Lady, you and me let him have it! LOL! Then you so cooly said... "3 cheers to the morals of the Mid-west". I liked you the first time I met you over 2 years ago.. you're a smart, sweet and decent woman. I'm glad you are still here, too! Yedda, and all the rest of us are lucky to have you! - Your friend, -Asha."
AShoofly says:
"Equus, Thanks for the contact. I enjoyed your poem. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. Again, Thank You. "
lawbug says:
"To a very smart young lady who has her act together even if we choose to agree or disagree but you are always there with an answer."
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"Hey Girl! Just dropping in to say thanks and I hope y'all have a very Happy Easter as well. "
msconfident43 says:
"Hey thanks for the advise, ive been trying to get out but money issues r a problem right now, but i know everything will work itself out . Maybe hes not interested, at this point and time in my life who cares anymore."
Zeetia says:
"thanking you deeply for your fabulous advice.I fully agree with you regarding respecting your relationships with people.I see any relationship as sacred,wishing you lots and lots of joy and happiness for your future."
Chex says:
"so now yuo cant'not use that ole washin yuor hare anser to me"
Chex says:
"hell-o. equash/ how many colors ar yuor hare/"
AnyaGarcia says:
"Hey Equus. How are you doing today? I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your activity here on Yedda. I love your answers, and you seem like a really fun and interesting person. I love horses too. Anyway, have a great day."
Ranger says:
"Thank you for answering my question. Farms are wonderful to live life on. "
Chex says:
"equs i chex am thicken that yuo ar not the angry woemen libbr bra burn typ i thot/ i woud lov yuo if not fore 5beetle wat ar yuo wearin/"
Chex says:
"hell o equs i am chex an hav been thinkin off yuo mostly late @ nite"
Nanadee says:
"Glad i finally got to know you on yedda...I love playing games if its not too muuch thought and the spelling....Having fun with you on games....Your so funny...Go saints dee"
BabsNC says:
"Type your compliment here."
DB Lady says:
"Hi Equus, Just to let you know that I admire the caring way you give advice. You are such a lady."
~Jada~ says:
"Hello my friend, I sent you a private message but just in case... lol.... not to say Yedda has problems, but just in case Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"
SamanthaD says:
"Thank you for your words. THey have helped me and are giving me the needed strength to do what needs to be done. Thank You"
Nanadee says:
"hi quues. i tried to sign you for acontact and it said you are but i don't see my name on yours. i would like us to be friends cause we have alot of the same ones and i like your way of thinking on yor post, happy thanksgiving God Bless nanadee"
~Jada~ says:
"Thanks for the return compliment .... I never knew we were called the blonde bombers! But.... I like it lol"
~Jada~ says:
" are my Yedda soul sister lol...and I do love reading your responses. Not only that, every time you answer a question, you save me the time hahaha...see ya down the road...just passing through to say hello and keep up the good work."
EJ says:
"When I first met Equus I was thought, theres that person who talks in italics. But after a while, I thought, theres the woman who gives such good advice. :)"
Sparky's Mom says:
"Equus, You were the first to invite me to be a SNOT, and I appreciate you! You are a sweet wonderful person, and I am glad you are my friend. From Anna Sparky's Mom"