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Asked: Quick Music in film related questions. 1) In ...

Quick Music in film related questions. 1) In Transformers the movie (2007) When Bumblebee changes from the old Camaro to the 2009 Camaro in the tunnel, What is the music playing when he presents ...

Asked: New James Bond coming out...

Is 'Quantum of Solace' a good title for the new James Bond film?

Asked: Resume cv writing

I am looking into applying for a job which is my dream job. I want to do everything perfect. What should I put on my resume? How do I write a CV correctly? Does the font ,color, page size matter ...

Asked: Matte painting

what is Matte painting, where can i learn how to do it?

Asked: German script of Run Lola Run

I am looking for the German script of Run Lola Run

Asked: The perfect Stepmother?

What actress would be the perfect Stepmother in THE TRUE SNOW WHITE movie? For more info, please see .

Asked: Will Smith: I Am Legend is a Success

Would you go to see I am Legend (the new Will Smith movie) only because it made $30 million last Friday, and is probably the strongest December opening ever? Does rating influence your habits?

Asked: Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez

Is something going on between Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez? Their "Holiday in Handcuffs " seems to indicate that there is.

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