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Well, you are free to believe all that. Question is, do you believe other people are free to believe differently ?

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Why do you never blame "nature" for the maladies that strike down young lives ? Why are you not an atheist against "nature" for the cruel things it has produced ?

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Yet, no other creature ever did ?

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I don't know why good christians would be in denial of the Big Bang Cosmology, Abiogenesis and the sequencing of life through the process of evolution as laid out by the paleontological record? It all ...

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I don't know what you mean? We did have the right to defend our soldiers when Iran was attacking them in Iraq and Afghanistan. And I would have taken out the Iranian regime then. But that has passed ...

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er, it would be impossible to re-create life if only God, though divine intervention, can create it. Which appears to be the case presently.

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If you have reliable, verifiable evidence that something other than God created life on earth, produce it.

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