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Answered: Bush the troop , economy killer back to fight for ...

And what makes Obama any different ? He's sent troops to war, extended tax cuts to the rich and kept unemployment above 8% for 3 straight years going on four ?

Answered: Do Repubs realize how bad it looks to have Dubya ...

Truth be told, and it rarely is today, both politcal parties are responsible for driving the american economy into the ditch. Obama is clearly NOT the answer. Might as well try the Mormon and see what ...

Answered: Whatever Happened to "Global Warming'?

They changed their propaganda to "Global Climate Change". Who could argue that the climate doesn't change ?

Answered: How can anyone be a Democrat with all the hatred ...

Many former liberals have witnessed the hate in their Party and have left it.

Answered: Where is Monica now?

Why is it no surprise that liberals always blame the woman ?

Answered: I hear Hollywood is making a new movie about Noah ...

Should be interesting, I think. Hopefully it'll explain a few things !

Answered: Where is Monica now?

I don't know where she is today but I sure wish she would come out and tell the public the REAL truth. That the President of the United States asked her to lie in Court. I still cannot believe that ...

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