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Asked: What is thesis

what is thesis

Asked: I'm only a teenage girl, but I keep worrying ...

I'm only a teenage girl, but I keep worrying about gaining weight. I'm afraid of being anorexic, so what should I do?

Asked: I there something wrong with me?

I keep twisting the same ankle while exercising. Why, and what can I do to stop this?

Asked: Meeting my boyfriend's family

I'm really nervous about meeting my boyfriend's family. We come from different backgrounds and I'm concerned that I won't fit in. What should I talk about?

Asked: Saving money for the future

How can I save money for my future without having to make too many sacrifices now? It is difficult enough to support my lifestyle as it is, but now I am concerned about the future.

Asked: Help

what does it mean when a man always finds neg and not the pos in a relationship? and if you ever try to disagree and says when then this relationship needs to end but then if you dont say nothing he ...

Asked: My boyfriend&i met on6-1-05.we have a 9month ...

my boyfriend&i met on6-1-05.we have a 9month old now.he just recently cheated. this other girl fell in love&wont leave him alone. what do i do about this other woman? he says he still wants 2b her ...

Asked: Education before having children?

I'm 25 years old and have been married for almost 2 years. My husband and I want to have children but I want to earn my Masters degree before having children. Is this a smart move?




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"You have a quick mind and I truly enjoy your questions. Keep it up. Thanks for your kind words to me I appreciate it coming from someone like you. Lady Darko E."
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"Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! "
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"Thank you for your kind words . I always enjoy reading your answers . They are intelligent , kind and well thought out . Yedda is a better place with you in it . "
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"Thank-you very much Harryvan for your kind and supportive words. My husband is 52- so I hope we get a good result with the consultant. Thank-you from the bottom of my heart for caring. With best wishes, Ann"
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"You are absolutely right. The question was "meaning as used in the Bible", the Bible often uses loins in reference to sexual intercourse. Thanks for your feedback. Norm"
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"Hi harryvan,many thanks for your feedback much appreciated."
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"Thank you - it's better than being called a know-it-all lol. Your advice is good, and without judgement. Have a great day harry!"
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