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Asked: What did summer camp do for you?

What did summer camp do for you when you were growing up?

Asked: What to do about too much pepper?

Our neighbor brought us a gift of cooked onions stuffed with brown rice. The problem is that it is almost inedible because of all the black pepper. Is there any way we can reduce the pepper effect and ...

Answered: Does weed aleveate a person of depressiones

It probably does but be careful and better still don't start. It will relieve the pain of depression but you will soon not be able to break the habit and still suffer from depresion. Relief is NOT a ...

Asked: What more can the United States do to make amends ...

more What should the United States do to make amends for the accidental killing of those Afghan children?

Answered: Why Obama takes so long to speak out on the unrest ...

Unfortunately for Israel, they are the most compliant and do whatever Obama wants. The Iranians don't give a damn.

Answered: Coutries that manufacture the most generic drugs

I believe that TEVA an Israeli generic drug manufacturer is the largest in the world.

Answered: Who is left to defend the states? if the national ...

No entity, the move was probably made because most states are nearly bankrupt.

Commented: About Lewie's answer

That trick works almost every time.

Answered: What do do when u find out ur boyfriend is ...

Run!! And don't forget to warn any woman in his vicinity.

Commented: About unkabob's answer

I think you should also check the level of power steering fluid.




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"You are absolutely right. The question was "meaning as used in the Bible", the Bible often uses loins in reference to sexual intercourse. Thanks for your feedback. Norm"
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"Hi harryvan,many thanks for your feedback much appreciated."
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"Thank you - it's better than being called a know-it-all lol. Your advice is good, and without judgement. Have a great day harry!"
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