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Answered: Why can't I upload books from my PC to my Kindle ...

Amazon has a very helpful help desk for the Kindle. Go through the Amazon site and post your problem. You will probably get an immediate response. This is from my experience.

Answered: When i go to send pictures on my computerit says ...

Call your internet server help desk for that information.

Commented: About brosen's answer

I was not referring to an e-mail counselor. You must speak with a live human counselor who can give you instant response and respond directly to your input.

Answered: I am have loss of appetite, I sleep to much and ...

See your family physician and asked to be referred to a psychiatrist for proper medication. No need for yhou to suffer when help is available.

Answered: Can you buy a gun with a az state license in new ...

Gun licensing is controlled by each individual state meaning that you cannot purchase a gun in New York State without a N.Y. State license.

Answered: Bildung

The following is a good place to start:

Answered: In general, what types of shoes should a person ...

Following is list of what to look for in diabetic shoe: "The soles of the shoes must be wide and roomy." "They must allow for air to come in through. Check if they are made of fabric, or they have ...

Answered: After being in bed for a few days sick what would ...

If the red area feels warm, you probably have an internal infection. You might have cellulitis and that could be dangerous if not treated. See your family physician ASAP and please don't delay.




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