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Answered: How to get an iron stake out of the ground ...

Dig deep around the syakes to ensure they are not embedded incement.

Answered: Old eastern european remedy

My grandmother called it a goga moga; it was excellent for a hoarse throat.

Answered: What country uses

Do you mean guilder? That money was used by the Netherlands until they joined the EU. Today they use the Euro.

Answered: Should two 17 yr olds be grounded and not able ...

Age and college-bound do not make them adults. Should something go wrong it wll be for the parents to handle. Since their parents were well aware of this it justifies their decision to ground them.

Answered: I am 25 years old male recently got married. I ...

Go for counseling; this is something you cannot deal with on your own.

Asked: Am I out-of-step?

I firmly believe that marriage is for the sacred union of a male with a female as has been practiced for centuries in most cultures. Am I then a reactionary, fascist, racist just because I do not ...

Asked: Could Obama do it again?

Will this time around, American voters vote again for the candidate with empty messages or will they demand to vote for the one who directly addresses the issues?

Answered: Where did the term dark horse come from?

The term began as horse racing parlance. A dark horse is a race horse that is not known to gamblers and thus is difficult to place betting odds on. The earliest-known use of the phrase is inBenjamin ...

Asked: What does Erdogan of Turkey hope to gain?

Why has Erdogan of Turkey been so helpful to the Syrian refugees fleeing Assad's murderous Srian troops?

Answered: My husband has been cancer free for almost 7 ...

Get a second opinion, preferably from a clinic in a local university hospital.




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"You are absolutely right. The question was "meaning as used in the Bible", the Bible often uses loins in reference to sexual intercourse. Thanks for your feedback. Norm"
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