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Asked: John Hughes movies

I just heard that John Hughes died ... I'm feeling very nostalgic for the 80s now. What is your favorite John Hughes movie?

Answered: Altitude of Las Vegas Nevada compared to altitude ...

It looks like Las Vegas has an elevation of 2001 feet (610 meters), while Syracuse is at 397 feet (121 meters).

Answered: All i can smell is copper, why?

In conditions called parosmia and phantosmia , people smell odors that aren't there. (Apparently, parosmia means that one odor is perceived as another odor. Phantosmia seems to be where a person ...

Answered: Eastern time conversion for 4/22/2009 - 20:21 GMT

The Eastern Time would be 4:21 PM (16:21), April 22, 2009. Here's the conversion for 20:20 GMT to 4:20 PM EDT: ...

Answered: Animals

According to , chinchillas typically live "about 15 years, but 18-22 years is not uncommon." And I've read that it's possible for chinchillas to live past 25 years.

Answered: Just asking

Well, he could be! I mean, we can never be sure. (I've always liked the scenes in "Men in Black" that show the celebrities who are really aliens.)

Answered: How to decode ...

Profitbob is right. (The Morse Code Translator confirms this.) 845297992 backwards is 299792548. That is the speed of light in meters per second.

Answered: Why people say "bless you" when someone sneeze?

Snopes , The Straight Dope , and Ask Yahoo fail to agree on a single reason why we say "bless you." My gut feeling is that saying "bless you" is like saying "Gesundheit" (health). A sneeze might ...

Answered: Do you have any information about neurolgist, Dr ...

Here's information about Dr. Michael N. Baker on a doctor-rating website, Vitals.

Answered: Globe Trekker Megam MCcomick travel host

Globe Trekker has a page for Megan McCormick with lots of information and links. It includes a link to a Megan McCormick fan site . You could email Globe Trekker's fan mail address at fanmail ...

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