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Answered: Does God Exist

A child starves to death every five seconds. Were there a god, wouldn't he or she prevent this. Thus, there is no god.

Answered: Sophist&Pragmatist

Interesting! But I am afraid that I don't have the time to work through this. You may wish to find a more sophisticated board, such as

Answered: Are Repubs hanging themselves again by calling Amb ...

Yes! Amb. Rice is very competent and did nothing wrong in the Benghazi affair. Ole crabby pants McCain is conducting a witch-hunt over the Benghazi matter for political gain in the senate. His ...

Answered: Why did Obama

He didn't nix the pipeline. He is delaying it until the plans for it are changed to make it environmentally safe.

Answered: Could the Libyan embassy attack be Obama's ...

The Benghazi matter is a witch-hunt pushed by ole crabby pants, John McCain. McCain is about to lose some of his standing in the senate, and is trying to gain status by lying about Benghazi, and ...

Answered: Is Obama 'too stupid and too lazy' to 'outspend ...

I guess you have not heard. Obama won the election easily. Moreover, Obama was smarter, and worked harder, than Mittens. Mittens won group, older white men. Obama won every other group.

Answered: How do i get another woman's criminal record off ...

Write to whoever keeps the record. If that doesn't work, get a lawyer involved. If you cannot afford a lawyer, show up at the recordkeeping office when you smell very bad, and demand a fix. The ...

Answered: Rogers ohio what would you do if your family ...

You may have an interesting question, but you need to reword and clarify so we can understand it. Thanks!

Answered: I want to fire the realtor

All you need to do is not renew the realtor's listing contract.


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